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Written by Doug Oster on .


Tulips can be fickle, I wrote about ways to keep them blooming yearly, but this flower was all alone in a bed. It was probably part of a mixture I was trying. When only one or two blooms persist from a group planting, they become cut flowers.

Before this fiery parrot tulip joined others in a vase, it needed to be photographed. The best time to shoot pictures of the garden is early morning and late afternoon. That's when the light is low and beautiful. Photographers call it "magic light."

There's one other time to shoot flowers and that's when there's nice cloud cover. Lord knows, we've got plenty of days like that in Pittsburgh.

This tulip was photographed on one of those gray days; the soft light is perfect to show off the details of the flowers.

Take time to enjoy what's blooming and get a few pictures to look back on when winter is on the horizon. That will make you plant a few more bulbs, and we all need more.


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