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By way of introduction ...

Written by Dan Gigler on .


According to us: "The man interested in buying a share of the Steelers is a ... diehard Steelers fan who rarely misses a game at Heinz Field, typically hosts a tailgate party in the "A" lot and has been known to paint his face black and gold."

Ladies & Gentlemen, your next Steelers owner:

Super Stiller Fan

Err ...

Given what we know at the moment, this is probably the best-case scenario for Steelers fans -- short of the other Rooney brothers coming around/caving on their financial demands -- a new partner for Dan & Art II that will be hands off, has deep pockets (Signing bonuses? No problem!), connections to the region, has been a huge fan of the team for decades and most importantly isn't going to move them anywhere. Could be worse. Could be a ruthless mug like this guy drinkin' your Black & Gold milkshake, straight outta town:

Daniel Day Lewis

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