St. Pierre's revenge!

Written by Dan Gigler on .

Inner monologue of this man, right now ...


"I knew the Steelers would rue the day they let me go! All the years of being teased by Cowher and then Tomlin ... being cut, then re-signed, then cut again, then put on the practice squad, then that pudgy wacko pretended to be me, and my God they even let Baltimore pick me up once for cripes sake! No man alive deserves that indignity! But Charlie Batch is hurt and they'll come crawling back! Bwahhahahahahaha!!  My evil plan is falling into place! I'll just wait here by the phone in Arizona for them to call and I'll tell them no! I love it here with Clark and Oliver and Ken and Russ and all the old Steelers. We'll show them! I'd much rather back up the old man with the crazy wife and Nick Lachey's friend. I'll just wait for them to call and I'll show them ... I'll just wait ... and wait ... and wait ... and ..."

Seriously though, we wish Charlie Batch well. But 'em Stillerz have quite a pickle on their hands ...



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