Browns fan gives up, publicly renounces team.

Written by Dan Gigler on .

This is hilarious. Reader Dave O' Donnell sends in video of his Browns fan friend Ben, who apparently lost a bet over last night's game and had to publicly renounce his Browns allegiance and "become" a Steeler fan. Dave fills us in: 

"[Ben] is a co-worker of mine from Cleveland, and die hard Browns Backer who lost a bet on last night's game to me. In fairness had the Browns not miss-managed the clock I would have been wearing a dog costume singing "Bernie, Bernie." As our comptroller Ben ... has the responsibily of setting up our computers. After finding out I was a Steeler's fan he put a picture of Eric Metcalf burning Rod Woodson on my computer to greet me on my first day a year and a half ago."

Turn up the volume a little bit, because the sound is a bit shaky. Priceless. He looks like a hostage.

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