Live Steelers-Titans (pregame edition)

Written by Dan Gigler on .

12:35 p.m. Just a thought: It would create quite a sticky wicket for Jeff Fisher, a self-flamed quarterback controversy on the precipice of the playoffs, but the Titans' best chance to secure home-field advantage, to squash their two-losses-in-four-games mini-spin, to restore their stretch-run confidence might well be to spot play former starting quarterback Vince Young some today. Not even LaMarr Woodley and James Harrison can catch Young regularly, at least anywhere near as easily as they can locate and sack statuesque Kerry Collins. It sure seems that the Titans need a little somethin' somethin'. And Young, on a first down here, on a third down there, could well supply a turbocharge.

12:40: "I think Pittsburgh wins this, and it's real, real close," some CBS guy named Bill Cowher said. Funny, but when Boomer Esiason called them, "a well-coached team, by the way," The Jaw shot him The Glare.

12:44: Flomotion, Hyperzoom. . . holy weird science, CBS. They used NORAD, WORAD, WHATEVERAD to determine Santonio Holmes' catch was indeed a touchdown?

Time to waxi nostalgic: After losing an AFC championship game to the Steelers, Bum Phillips vowing to kick "the son-of-a" $#%&! door in. . . Unlucky No. 7, Dan Pastorini. . . Warren Moon, who once at Three Rivers was sacked and placed flat on his back so often that our reporter Gary Tuma wrote about "a bad Moon rising". . . Earl Campbell plowing over defenders. . . Elvin Bethea. . . Robert Brazile. . . Doug Smith. . . Luv Ya Blue. . . those powder-blue helmets. . . the antiquated Astrodome. . .

and a static tribute to their fight song



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