Primeau calls for end to heads shots - 10-27-09

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

Former Flyers captain Keith Primeau was on AM 640, a talk radio station in Toronto, today and discussed the subject of head hits. Primeau, whose career was cut short due to head injuries, was very critical of the type of hits such as the one delivered by current Flyers captain Mike Richards on Panthers forward David Booth last week. Primeau stated the following:

“There is not a place in the game for those kind of hits.”
“Those hits are a punishable act.”
“The head has to be off limits.”
“I’m a real live human being and I still have a life and it impacts the players life when he’s gone.”

The entire interview can be heard here.

EN Says: We tend to put more weight into Primeau's words on the subject than we would some guy in television studio in Toronto on Saturday nights who just labels something like that "as part of the game" or lazily blurt out "gotta keep your head up!" Primeau's life has been impacted by concussions. He understands the consquences far better than most people who have an opinion on the subject.

Part of the problem is that the league doesn't have a clear cut rule regarding hits to the head. Everything gets reviewed by Colin Campbell and his cronies. They examine every video and then come up with a ruling for each individual case. There's very little rhyme or reason to it.

The league needs to make an iron-clad rule on head shots and make them illegal. Period. Don't leave any room for interpretation of the rule. If you hit someone in the head, you should be punished.

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