Progress isn't always smooth

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

A few things we've noticed with the new changeover for Empty Netters and the Post-Gazette's site in general:


  • The old URL for Empty Netters doesn't really work any more. You can click on it and this dummy screen pops up. So if you have the old URL bookmarked or if you're linking to us via your blog or any other little corner of the Web you might inhabit, you'll want to update it. The new address is
  • There may be some problems with viewing parts of EN (mainly YouTube videos) with Internet Explorer 6.0. We've had some issues just posting it using IE 6.0. We downloaded Firefox and everything was fine.
  • The new logo. It wasn't our choice. We were very happy with the old one. We've made our displeasure known to anyone who cared to listen. Let us know what you think. We hope it's just something temporary.
  • We can now do a blogroll. We plan on putting all the big boys and girls in the Penguins blogoshpere like The Pensblog and The Sidney Crosby Show in there as well as general hockey blogs we visit like Kukla's Korner and James Mirtle. If you'd like to be included. Drop us a note.
  • As far as we know, there is some sort of filter on the commenting funtions that keeps vulgarity out. There's some sort of master list with a all sorts of bad words we don't allow. But we're sure there's a whole bunch of other words out there we've haven't thought of. You're more than welcome to test the limits of that list. That way we know what to add.
  • Also in regards to commenting, use some common sense. If it's something you think will get deleted, don't post it.
  • Empty Netters archives can be viewed here.

We'll have more once we toy around with this thing a little bit.


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