Penguins 3, Flyers 2 - 10-14-08

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Greetings from Mellon Arena and a somewhat gloomy Pittsburgh.

-The Penguins still have that festival set up out back for fans along Mario Lemieux Place:

-This is a line to get into the arena at Gate 9 along Mario Lemieux Place. We had a hard time finding a single person over the age of 30 in it:

A few jerseys we've seen:

-Darius Kasparaitis:

-Eric Desjardins:

 -Zarley Zalapski:

 -Eric Lindros:

(Nice sweatpants dirtbag.)

-Michal Handzus:

(That's obscure)

-Dennis Bonvie Wilkes-Barre/Scranton:

-Mario Lemieux Team Canada:

-Tonight's copy of Ice Time:

-The ice:

-Some other jerseys we have seen:

-Pierre Larouche:

-Eddie Shack:

-Larry Murphy:

(You don't see to many of those which is a little surprising considering Murphy was the one of the franchise's greatest defenseman and key player in its Stanley Cup championships.)

-Someone apparently had some issues finding a correct spelling for "Hartnell."

-This picture is terrible, but you don't see too many Jean-Sebastien Aubin jerseys:

-This is a better picture of the five new banners than we could provide Saturday night:

-Cotton candy heeeee!!!! Cotton candy heeee!!!


-Your scratches for the Penguins are Darryl Sydor, Paul Bissonnette and Bill Thomas.

-The Flyers have scratched Lasse Kukkonen and Jared Ross.

-Philadelphia will start Antero Niittymaki in net.

-The Penguins will go with Marc-Andre Fleury.

-Pascal Dupuis, SIdney Crosby, Miroslav Satan, Brooks Orpik and Kris Letang will start for the Penguins.

-Jeff Jimerson dominates:


19:56: The game begins with "GO-HOME! FLY-ERRS!" chants.

19:28: Mike Richards uncorks a shot from the left side. Fleury kicks it out.

19:21: Orpik crunches RIchards in the corner.

18:42: Jeff Carter tosses a puck on net. Fleury eats it up.

16:04: The first big scoring opportunity of the game comes as Dupuis centers a nifty pass to Crosby in the crease. Niittymaki makes a big save.

15:59: Hal Gill fires a slapper from the point. Niittymaki absorbs it.

 14:37: The first fight of the night is a pretty darn entertaining one. Riley Cote and Eric Godard, two guys who are not shy about what they do, go at it big time. After some hesitation, they lock out and start pounding the daylights out of each other. After things slow down a bit, the officials step in. What an entertaining fight. Georges Laraque was about as dominant at this part, but his fights weren't all that entertaining. And some folks will tell you Laraque wasn't always that eager to do his job. Godard is more than willing and he will put on a show.

13:46: Crosby chases a puck into the Flyers' zone. Ossi Vaananen sticks a hand out at the blue line and holds Crosby up. Two minutes for interference. What a stupid penalty. He might as well have sent an e-mail to the official asking for a penalty. The Penguins put Alex Goligoski, Evgeni Malkin on the points with Crosby, Petr Sykora and Jordan Staal up front.

12:33: Crosby is called for slashing. To be kind, that was a questionable call. Four-on-four for 47 seconds.

12:20: Tyler Kennedy directs a soft shot on net. Niittymaki snags it.

11:46: Vaananen's penalty expires. Philadelphia gets a power play for 1:12.


10:51: Maxime Talbot steals a loose puck off at the blue line and is off to the races. he appraoches the net and shoots forehand low. Niittymaki kicks it out.

9:43: After a stoppage, Orpik and Joffrey Lupul exchange words about the main ingredient of Nilla Wafers. We think.

9:24: Jeff Carter throws a wrister on net from the right side. Fleury fights it off.

8:35: A stoppage allows Godard and Cote to return to their benches. Players on both teams clap their stick along the boards in applause.

8:25: Malkin makes a bad turnover in this own end. Daniel Briere takes it and directs on net. Hartnell makes a nice backhanded, behind the back re-direct. Fleury is there.

7:39: Mark Eaton fires a wrister towards the net. Despite traffic, Niittymaki gloves it. The Penguins crash the net for a rebound. The Flyers stand their ground. A scrum ensues. Ruslan Fedotento and Mike Richards tangle. They fall to the ice. With an official trying to separate them, RIchards, apparently thinking it's still 1975, does something that merits a two-minute penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct. Sykora, Malkin, Crosby, Staal and Goligoski take the ice again.

6:19: The Penguins ice the puck. The Flyers touch up. Penguins fans offer a few boos.

5:33: The Penguins' power play essentially ends with Orpik tossing a weak shot into the lap of a Flyers defender.

4:27: We can't get a picture of it, back along the wall of section D-8 there is a sign that reads "Jesus Saves Satan Scores."


1:36: With a Flyers player approaching him at the blue line, Dupuis dumps a grounded to the net. Niittymaki scoops it up.

1:19: Fedotenko is called for holding. That might be his highlight of the season so far.

1:08: Mike Zigomanis claps a puck up ice. He's worked out well on the penalty kill so far in his two games.

0:40: Zigomanis clears it again.

0:32: Richards is apprently the new resident "boo-ee" as he is showed with disapproval as he lugs the puck up ice.

0:00: End of period. Flyers 0, Penguins 0.


 -That was a very flat, hesitant period for each team. Not a lot of be excited about.

The Flyers have a 7-6 lead in shots.

-The Penguins have a 13-8 lead in faceoffs.

-Zigomanis is 3-for-3 in the faceoff circle. Crosby is 5-for-7.

-Orpik leads the game with 9:02 of ice time.

-Kimmo Timonen leads the Flyers with 8:58.

-Kris Letang leads the game with two blocked shots.

-We just overheard Versus announcer and former Penguins coach Ed Olczyk tell someone he'll be broadcasting this season's Winter Classic again from outside along the field, much like he did for last season's.

-The Flyers will start the period with 41 seconds of power-play time.


18:25: Off a turnover in the Flyers' zone, Talbot feeds a pass to Tyler Kennedy in the slot. Kennedy can't quite get his stick on the puck

17:47: Crosby chases down a loose puck in the corner, turns and snaps a quick pass to Dupuis in the slot. Dupuis kneels down to shoot it but his stick breaks.

17:15: From the right faceoff circle, Dupuis snaps a one-timer on net. Niittymaki eats it up. The Penguins have started this period with jump.

16:49: Sykora gets his first quality scoring chance of the season as as he blasts a loose puck on net. Niittymaki is there for the save.

16:06: Steve Eminger comes up ice and throws quick wrister on net down low. Fleury is there with the save.

15:34: After a pretty frantic attack on the Flyers' net, newly-acquired Andrew Alberts is called for hooking. Miroslav Satan is out there with Sykora, Crosby, Goligoski and Malkin.

14:56: Crosby cracks a one-timer towards the net. Niittymaki makes the save.

13:46: From the corner, Crosby dishes a pass to Sykora in the slot. Niittymaki makes the save. The puck deflects out of play.

13:33: Another power play expires for the Penguins. They controlled the play in the offensive zone for most of the two minutes, but failed to generate much in scoring opportunities.

12:30: Matt Cooke is sent off for cross-checking. Wait. When did the Penguins sign Matt Cooke? Hal Gill, Jordan Staal, Rob Scuderi and Zigomanis are on for the penalty kill.

12:23: Simon Gagne fires a wrister from the left wing. Fleury makes the save.

11:41: Gagne gets another chance in close. Fleury with the save.

11:18: Lupul gets a pass flying down the right wing, comes in on net and shoots low. Fleury kicks it out.

11:09: Oprik is called for slashing. Five-on-three for 38 seconds. Staal, Eaton and Scuderi on the ice.

10:38: Eaton breaks up a pass and knocks the pass out of the zone.

9:58: With Fleury prone, Coburn fires a rebound on net. It hits a few bodies. Scott Hartnell appears to have a chance on a rebound but Scuderi is there to keep it out.

9:09: Orpik's penalty expires. The Penguins dodge a bullet there.


8:20: Sykora makes a nice dish in the slot to Malkin. Malkin goes down for a bit slapper in tight. Niitttymaki somehow is able to make an amazing save.

7:43: Vaananen fires a slapper. Fleury with the save.

7:29: Glen Metropolit is called for high sticking. "FLYERS XXXX! FLYERS XXXX!" Sykora, Satan, Crosby, Goligoski and Malkin on the ice.

7:24: Satan tries to shuffle a puck directed into the crease on net. It goes wide.

6:22: Malkin blasts a slapper from the point. Mike Knuble blocks it with a "CRACK!"

5:55: The Penguins lob a puck on net from the right point. The "Hey Song" is played for five seconds. Offiicals halt play. The puck hit off the post and bounced into Niittymaki's equipment. Staal and a Flyers player scrum. No goal.

5:48: BROOKS ORPIK!?!?! Dear Martin Strbak! Brooks Orpik!?!?! Bobby Orrpik controls the puck at the left point and whips it towards the net. Braydon Coburn and Kennedy are there screening Niittymaki who appears to miss the puck totally. It goes into the net for a goal. Orpik is clearly the missing piece to their malfunctioning power play. The Hey Song is played. Penguins 1-0. (Yeah, we've used the Bobby Orrpik line before. So what?)


5:06: Some of the new guys strike. Cooke controls the puck behind the Flyers' net, turns and dishes a feed into the slot. Zigomanis is is there and rips a nice one-timer by Niittymaki on the glove side. A Flyers player bangs his stick on the ice in frustration. Public address announcer John Barbero announces the goal scorer as "Mike ZZZZZZZZigomanis!" The "Hey Song" is played. Penguins 2-0.

1:39: Cooke gets a nice two-line feed. He comes in an fires a slapper. Niittymaki kicks it out.

0:43: Ugh. Was that ugly. Carter takes a pass from the point. He tries to center it to a teammate near the net. But the puck strikes Hal Gill's stick and he accidently deflects it by Fleury. Hal Gill is now tied with Tyler Kennedy for the team lead in goals with two. He "helped" New Jersey's Patrik Elias to do the same Saturday night. Penguins 2-1.

0:23: The Flyers win a clean faceoff in the offensive zone. Coburn slides it over to Timonen who fires a one-timer Mike Richards in in front of the net and deflects it under Fleury. Nice goal. Flyers 2, Penguins 2.

0:00: End of period. Flyers 2, Penguins 2.


-We are officially starting the Mike Zigomanis bandwagon. Who wants on?

-The Flyers have a 19-18 lead in shots.

-Scottie Upshall leads the game with five shots.

-Dupuis leads the Penguins with four shots.

-Timonen leads the game with 18:03 of ice time.

-Orpik leads the Penguins with 15:06.

-Scuderi leads the game with three blocked shots.

-The Penguins lead in faceoffs, 23-18. Zigomanis is 6-for-7. Ron Francis who?

-Gagne was credited with the second Flyers goal.


19:22: The attendance is announced as only 16,966. With the Flyers in town? It's a partial standing-room sellout. Not good.

19:10: Timonen is called for hooking. A goal for the Penguins would be big here. Malkin, Satan, Goligoski, Crosby and Sykora take the ice.

18:48: Malkin winds up for a big slapper but his stick breaks.

17:58: Goligoski takes a pass at the point, sneaks in and shoots. A Flyers player deflects the puck into the netting.

17:09: Another weak power play expires.

16:24: Cooke fires a sneaky shot from the left wing. Niittymaki fights it off.

15:08: Sykora rips a wrister from the left win. Niittymaki makes the save but gives up a bad rebound. Staal is there but can't get his stick on the puck.

14:24: Kennedy throws a wrister on net from the slot. Niittymaki (we're getting sick of typing his name) kicks it out.

14:02: Lupul takes a pass at the blue line, enters the offensive zone and whips a wrister on net. Fleury boots it out.

12:37: Talbot wipes out Timonen in the corner with a check. There really hasn't been a ton of physical or chippy stuff in this game.

12:21: Kennedy goes around the net turns and flicks a backhander on net. Fedotenko crashes the net hoping to pond in the rebound. No dice. Hartnell is called for high sticking.  Satan, Sykora, Crosby, Malkin and Goligoski on again.

10:42: Alberts slams Fedotenko behind the net with a hard check.

10:21: Another poor power play comes and goes.

9:47: The bandwagon has been disbanded. Zigomanis is called for high sticking. Dupuis, Scuderi, Staal and Gill are on to kill the penalty.

8:52: After Fleury stops a slapper from the point. Dupuis shuffles the puck down ice.

7:24: Vaananen enters the Penguins' zone and throws  soft wrister on net. Fleury gloves it.

7:15: Richards enters the zone and goes offsides. Juuuuust as an official blows his whistle, Gill hits him high and sends him on his butt. Some of the Flyers come over to defend their teammate, but nothing really comes of it. This has been a really tame game compared to recent Flyers-Penguins tilts.

7:01: The Penguins direct a shot on net from the point. Niittymaki eats it up.

4:57: Eminger dumps Kennedy with a check behind the net.

4:18: Carter forces his way through traffic towards the net with the puck. He glides in, gets tripped and tries to push a backhander by Fleury. Fleury keeps it out. Knuble tries to punch in the rebound. Fleury's right toe keeps it out. Scuderi is called for tripping. Big two minutes here for the Penguins. Zigomanis, Staal, Eaton and Orpik on to kill the penalty.

3:57: With a stoppage, Orpik, Eaton, Talbot and Dupuis are on for the penalty kill.


2:47: Gill uses his pool skimmer of a stick to clear the puck.

2:31: Carter gets a puck on net. Letang appears to get a piece of it. Fleury makes the save. Letang appears to get away with a bit of a slash.

1:20: Hartnell directs a shot from the wing on net. Fleury closes the gates for a save.

0:00: End of period. The Penguins fight to generate a scoring opportunity in the offensive zone late but can't get anything clean on net. Flyers 2, Penguins 2.

-The Flyers have a 28-26 lead in shots.

-The Penguins are dominating in faceoffs, 36-22.


5:00: Before the faceoff, "LET'S GO PENS! LET'S GO PENS!"

3:27: Luca Sbisa and Eaton go racing for a loose puck behind the Penguins' net. Eaton crashes into the boards very akwardly. Considering his injury history you have to hold your breath anytime he goes into the boards hard.

2:36: RIchards directs a backhander on net that Fleury has trouble with but shuffles a way. A Flyers crashes into the net and takes Fleury out.

1:32: Eminger tackles Malkin in the corner. No call? "New" NHL?

0:22: The Penguins come up ice on a three-on-two with (Guess who?) Letang centering it. Unlike Saturday night, he does mess around with and fires a slapper on net. Niittymaki fights it off with his blocker.

0:10: Orpik comes up ice with the puck and fires a cross-ice pass to Dupuis at the Flyers' blue line. Dupuis winds up and bombs an insane shot by Niittymaki on the far side. Incredible shot. Niittymaki looks completely lost on it. The "Hey Song" is played. End of game. Penguins 3, Flyers 2.


-That was kind of an odd game. The first and third periods were boring as all heck. The second and overtime were pretty exciting.

-This was a very tame game compared to previous Flyers-Penguins frays. There wasn't a great deal of physical play or even the chippiness. Each team played it very close to the vest.

-It's probably not a good thing that Brooks Orpik and Kris Letang were the team's leading scorers with two points.

-The Flyers outshot the Penguins, 30-28.

-Dupuis, Carter and Upshall all led the game with five.

-Vaananen led the game with six blocked shots. Scuderi and Timmonen were second with five.

-The Penguins controlled faceoffs, 36-24. Zigomanis was 11-for-13.

-Coburn led the game with 26:49 of ice time.

-The Penguins' top skater was Orpik with 25:07.

-You might be down on the Penguins' power play at 1-for-7, but how would you like to be a Flyers fan? They were 0-for-9.

-Crosby was shutout for the second consecutive regular season game. The last time that happened was in wins against the Flames (3-2) and Canucks (2-1), Dec. 6 and 8, 2007.

-The last time Malkin and Crosby were each shutout in a regular season game was a 2-1 overtime loss to the Rangers, March 31.

-Without a goal in his first four games, this is the longest Crosby has gone without a goal in his career to start a season.

 -No word yet if Flyers coach John Stevens will make his team drown extra puppies in practice tomorrow after their 0-2-1 start to the season.

-Game Summary.

-Event Summary.


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