Rangers 3, Penguins 2 - 10-25-08

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Greetings from our living room. We tuned into FSN Pittsburgh at approximately 6:45 p.m. and were greeted by this:

-A California, Pa.-Slippery Rock football game that was running a tad late. We were a little nervous it would run into the Penguins game, but thankfully a Slippery Rock player ran into California's punter late and that allowed California to run out the clock.

-California won 31-10 by the way.

-Empty Netters might be your best source of news for PSAC football by the way.

-The Penguins' scratches are Hal Gill and Paul Bissonnette.

-The Rangers will scratch Patrick Rissmiller, Lauri Korpikoski (thank goodness we don't have to spell that name tonight) and Dan Fritsche.

-We dug this up late last night. This will be the first time in his NHL career Jordan Staal has played his brothers, Eric and Marc, in back-to-back games. The Penguins played Eric and the Hurricanes Thursday. Marc Staal will suit up for the Rangers tonight.

-Is it us or does it always look like Ruslan Fedotenko is wearing blush?

-His cheeks are always a little red.

-Wait. Paul Alexander is in the studio giving us preview of that night's other games in the league. But he was just doing the California-Slippery Rock broadcast. Hmmm... We call shenanigans!

-This "Save By Zero" commercial for Toyota has to go. Very annoying.

-Marc-Andre Fleury and Henrik Lundqvist will start in net.


19:23: Dan Girardi tosses a puck towards the net from the left point. It deflects just wide of the net.

 16:20: The great Mike Zigomanis slides a pass to the ever dangerous Rob Scuderi at the right point. Scuderi fires a shot that hits a body in front and gets deflected away. This has been a very hesitant period so far for each team.

15:19: Ryan Callahan gets a shot off from in tight. Fleury with the save.

15:12: Dmitri Kalinin fires a big slapper. Fleury makes the save again.

14:22: Mark Eaton drops to the ice and blocks a big wrister by Markus Naslund.


13:58: Sidney Crosby takes the puck and is booed.

13:21: Miroslav Satan brings the puck into the Rangers' zone and fires a big slapper that goes wide of the net.

12:59: Wade Redden is called for cross checking behing the Ranger's net.

11:53: Marc Staal pushes the puck up ice on the penalty kill. He weaves through the Penguins' defense and shoots a wrister on net. Fleury with the save. That was a fantastic effort by Staal.

10:56: Just as the power play expires, Darryl Sydor wides up and blasts a slapper from the left point. The puck caroms off Michal Rozsival, then off Kalinin and into the net. What a lucky bounce. It's a goal regardless. Tyler Kennedy and Kris Letang get assists. Bob Errey gives us a slight reminder that the Staals are brothers. Redden's penalty had just expired so it's not a power-play goal. Up until that point, the power play looked fairly weak. Penguin 1-0.

9:13: Nigel Dawes blasts a slapper that sails over the net.

8:51: Fedotenko puts a shot on net from in tight. Lundqvist with the save.

8:07: Eaton slides the puck over to Letang on the left point. Letang fires a slapper. It hits Lundqvist's left pad. Lundqvist covers the rebound.

7:01: A Penguin whips a loose puck on net from the left boards. Lundqvist kicks it out.

6:43: Aaron Voros tries to poke in a puck in the crease. Fleury says no

6:31: Kalinin takes out Malkin in the Rangers' zone with a nice hip check.

5:53: The great Mike Zigomanis puts a quick wrister on from the right wing. Lundqvist fights it off.

5:16: The Penguins are putting some pucks on net. Fedotenko gets a backhander off. Lundqvist makes the save again.

4:18: Paul Steigerwald unofficially begins the Selke Trophy campaign for Jordan Staal.

3:54: The Staals are brothers.

2:54: Pascal Dupuis whips a wrister on net from the crease. Lundqvist almost makes a blind save.

1:10: Naslund slides a backhander on net from the slot. Fleury makes the save.

0:46: Crosby controls the puck in the corner but slips. He is still able to slide a backhanded pass to Miroslav Satan. Satan rips a wrister low. Lundqvist makes the save.

0:40: Satan puts another quick shot on net. Lundqvist stands his ground.

0:00: End of period. A few boos from Rangers fans can be heard. Penguins 1, Rangers 0, Staals 2.


-The Penguins dominated that period for the most part. They controlled the puck and really didn't give the Rangers a lot to work with. If it weren't for Henrik Lundqvist, this could be a 3-0 game.

-The Penguins have a 10-8 edge in shots.

-Fedotenko and his rosy cheeks lead the game with three shots.

-The Penguins lead in faceoffs, 9-4.

-Crosby was 4-for-5 in faceoffs.

-Mark Eaton already has three blocked shots.

-Crosby and Evgeni Malkin each lead the game with 7:54: of ice time.

-Marc Staal leads the Rangers with 7:12.

-Dan Potash goes on a tour of the Penguins' equipment vault with Dana Heinze, the team's equipment manager. Pretty interesting piece. Apparently Crosby keeps all of his old equipment stashed in there. There are a bunch of old helmets in there including Roberto Romano's and Ken Wregget's. Hopefully someone YouTubed that.

-Is "YouTubed" a word?

-The Staals are brothers.

-The Staals are brothers.

-The Staals are brothers. Just in case there are any doubts, FSN Pittsburgh backs this claim with a graphic:


19:28: Naslund dishes a nice pass for a teammate in the slot, but a Penguins defender is able to knock it away.

18:08: Satan puts a wrister on net. Lundqvist kicks it out.

17:45: Brandon Dubinsky fires a wrister from the right wing. Fleury is able to knock it away with his glove hand.

16:45: As Fleury gloves a shot, Eric Godard and and a Rangers player exchange their thoughts on the Mont Blanc Tunnel. We think.

14:38: Dubuinsky lets off a sneaky backhander. Despite a screen,Fleury is able to makes the save.

13:57: Jordan Staal drops a pass for Fedotenko at the point. Fedotenko then zips a cross-ice pass to Petr Sykora. Sykora fires a wrister that Lundqvist fights off with his glove hand.

13:16: Paul Mara's wrister is kicked out by Fleury.

13:01: Colton Orr lunges for a loose puck in the slot but puts it just wide.

12:29: Nikolai Zherdev is called for slashing. Godard got away with a tripping penalty.

11:50: Blair Betts controls a puck in the crease, spins and pushes a wrister wide of the net.

10:22: Zherdev comes out of the box, pushes the puck up ice and fires a wrister wide of the net. An alleged top-flight player needs to get that on ice.

9:50: You knew this was coming. Matt Cooke sent to the box for holding. The Staals are brothers.

9:10: In close, Scott Gomez shoots low. Fleury with the save.

9:03: The great Mike Zigomanis puts a shot on net shorthanded. Lundqvist with the save.

7:50: Cooke's penalty is killed.

7:36: Maxime Talbot fires a wrister low. Lundqvist closes the five hole and eats the puck up.

6:37: The Staals are brothers.

5:39: Gomez tosses a light wrister on net from the left wing. Fleury kicks it to the side.

5:17: Michel Therrien calls a time out organize an R.C. Pro-Am Tournament back at the team's hotel. Or get his team some rest. One or the other.


5:04: Talbot pushes a backhander wide of the net.

4:25: Letang jabs at a loose puck in the slot. Lundqvist makes the save.

4:18: Letang weaves through the defense and tries again to sneak it into the net. No dice.

4:01: Alex Goligoski rips a wrister from the right point. Lundqvist makes the inital save. Crosby is able to poke the loose puck behind him into the net. Lundqvist

3:31: Zherdev fires a wrister into a cluster of bodies. Someone blocks it.

3:24: The Penguins are called for a penalty. Two actually. The great Mike Zigomanis is called for hooking. Orpik is called for holding. Five-on-three. The Rangers have to score here.

3:17: Gomez fires a quick shot in tight. Fleury makes the save.

2:57: Gomez coasts into the offensive zone and shoots a wrister. Fleury makes the initial save but gives up a juicy rebound. Chris Drury decides to make an appearance and tries to chop it in. Fleury and or

2:46: Redden fires a slapper that hits Jordan Staal in the backside. Staal is stunned a bit.

2:29: Drury fires a loose puck in the slot. Fleury again with the save. The puck flutters up into the netting.

2:19: Redden fires a shot. Fleury stops it with a "thud."

1:57: Gomez blasts a big one-timer from the right wing. Fleury eats it up and freezes the puck. That allows the Penguins to make a much-needed change.

1:44: The Rangers are determined to get from that right side. Naslund rips a wrister that Fleury kicks out.

1:22: Ryan Callahan tosses a puck on net from the goalline. Fleury keeps it out.

1:15: The somewhat unlikely pairing of the great Mike Zigomanis and Orpik develop a two-on-one as their penalites expire. Orpik slides a pass to Zigomanis in the slot but Zigomanis can't quite get his stick on it. Huge penalty kill for the Penguins.

0:02: Orpik drops Orr to the ice with a check.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 2, Rangers 0. Staals 34.


-We haven't mentioned it nearly enough in this forum, but the Penguins' penalty killing has been fantastic this season. The power play's on-and-off struggles certainly get a lot of attention, but the penalty killing is excelling. It certainly saved them in this period.

-The Rangers have a 24-23 edge in shots.

-Scott Gomez leads the game with five shots.

-The great Mike Zigomanis leads the Penguins with four.

-Scuderi leads the game with 15:28 of ice time.

-Mara leads the Rangers with 13:35.

-The Penguins lead in faceoffs, 15-11.

-Crosby is 6-for-9 in faceoffs.

-Mark Eaton still leads the game with four blocked shots.

-Crosby's goal tied him with Lowell MacDonald for 19th place on the team's all-time scoring list with 306 points. MacDonald actually has the lead since he has 140 goals to Crosby's 102.

-Mike Yeo gets some face time.

-As Errey and Steigerwald talk about the Rangers' struggles on the power play, Errey mentions that retired Rangers defenseman Brian Leetch is available to help the team out.


19:25: The ever-dangerous Rob Scuderi fires a slapper from the right point. Despite traffic, Lundqvist stops it with a "thud."

18:19: Petr Prucha gets his first shot on net since the 2005-06 season. We think. His slapper from the point is gloved by Fleury.

15:51: Dawes circles around the Penguins' net, spins and fires a wrister into traffic. It hits a body and bounces out.

15:25: Orpik blocks a wrister by Callahan.

14:58: Prucha circles around the net and tries to jam in a wrap-around. He gets tripped up. Jordan Staal is called for tripping.

14:51: The Penguins' penalty killing stinks! Gomez puts a pass into the slot where Naslund is able to fight off Eaton and punch a quick shot into the net under Fleury. Nice little pass by Gomez. That stupid "LET'S GO RANGERS!" song is played. Penguins 2-1.



13:13: Callahan puts a shot on net. Fleury fights it off.

13:08: Maxime Talbot has a new A&L Motors commerical:

-Not as good as the original:


13:03: The Rangers get their seventh shot of the period on net. Fleury makes the save.

12:20: Prucha fires a shot. Fleury fights it off.

11:29: Naslund collects a loose puck in the slot and rips a quick wrister. Fleury is able to shuffle it away with his shoulder.

11:11: Satan shoots a puck from his knees. Lundqvist gloves it.

10:22: Naslund blasts a shot from the right wing. Fleury fights it off again.

9:12: Fleury touches the puck in the no-play zone. Two minutes. Bad time to put the Rangers on the power play. They have a lot of momentum right now. Kennedy will serve the penalty.

8:44: Short-handed, Jordan Staal pushes the puck up ice and fires a shot. It deflects off a stick and into the crowd.

8:23: Mara tosses a wrister towards the net from the left point. Scuderi blocks it.

7:29: Gomez throws a puck into the crease from the side of the net. Fleury knocks it awa y.

7:12: Rozsival fires a shot from the left side. Fleury with the save. Fleury's penalty expires. Big kill for the Penguins.

5:55: Callahan takes a loose puck in the neutral zone and air mails a slap shot. Fleury knocks it away with his blocker.

5:07: Orpik slams Dubinsky into the boards behind the Penguins' net.

3:56: The great Mike Zigomanis trips up a Rangers player. No call. That was a terrible oversight by the official. Remember the "new" NHL? We don't either.

3:01: The Penguins come up ice on a give-and-go play. Crosby has an open shot on net but elects to give it  back to Malkin. Malkin directs the puck wide of the cage. Someone needs to get that on net.

2:47: On a faceoff, Talbot simply slaps the puck on net. Lundqvist is alert and makes the save.

1:59: Gomez tosses the puck toward the net. Fleury gloves it easily.

1:30: A shot by Kalinin is deflected wide.

1:19: Drury tries to put a shot on net. No dice.

0:33: Lundqvist leaves the net for an extra attacker

0:19: Crosby shuffles a backhander

0:08: Oh wow what a shot. Zherdev takes a puck up from the neutral zone and rips a tremendous shot over Fleury's shoulder on the glove side. Wow. Amazing shot. Therrien looks like he could make ridicule someone for having an ugly kid. Penguins 2, Rangers 2.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 2, Rangers 2.


-The Staals were shutout that period.

-What is it about the Penguins failing to play a complete game? They were outshot 18-2 that period.



4:05: Crosby works away from a defender, spins and shuffles a puck into the slot. Lundqvist is able to cover it up. Fedotenko digs for a rebound but can't find anything.

3:18: Zherdev tries to work through the Penguins' defense. Goligoski knocks the puck away from him.

2:41: Gomez puts a weak wrister on net. Fleury knocks it away.

1:47: Orpik dishes a pass to Crosby. Crosby puts a backhander on net. Lundqvist gloves it.

1:40: Orpik slides a pass to Scuderi who blasts a one-timer from the point. Lundqvist snags it with a dazzling glove save.

1:19: Redden fires a shot. Fleury knocks it downs and covers it.

0:14: Crosby steals a puck in the offensive zone and leaves a drop pass for Dupuis. Dupuis blasts a one-timer from the slot that goes wide. Crosby collects the rebound and tries to bank it off Lundqvist. No dice.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 2, Rangers 2.


-That was certainly an exciting period. Lots of end-to-end action.

-We'd give the Penguins an edge in overall play that period, but obviously that means little on the scoreboard.

-The Penguins out-shot the Rangers, 4-2, in that period.


- Zherdev is up first. He moves down the middle of the ice and shoots on the blocker side. Fleury easily stones him.

-Letang is first for the Penguins. He glides down with hesitation, moves to the backhander and is denied by Lundqvist.

-Dawes comes with speed and goes for the blocker side again. Fleury knocks it away.

-Sykora winds to the right, and rips a wrister that deflects off Lundqvist and away from the net.

-Sjostrom approaches the net, dekes to the backhander and somehow sneaks it under Fleury's left leg. Rangers 1-0.

-It's do or die for Crosby. He fakes with a leg lift, moves to the backhander and is denied by Lundqvist. End of shootout. Rangers 1, Penguins 0. End of game. Rangers 3, Penguins 2.


-This might be the Penguins' most disappointing loss of the season. The Penguins were lucky to be in that 2-1 overtime loss to the Devils Oct. 11. They shouldn't have even got two points out of that loss. The 4-3 loss to Capitals Oct. 16. stung more considering the rivalry between Crosby and Malkin and Alex Ovechkin, but that wasn't a division game. This game could haunt the Penguins come March when they're presumably fighting for the Atlantic Division crown.

-Most games are 60 minutes long. Perhaps Therrien needs to remind the Penguins of this somewhat minor detail.

-The goaltending was great in this game for the most part. Lundqvist was strong except for that second goal by Crosby. Fleury could've played Zherdev's goal better but played well for the most part.

-Give the Rangers credit for working their way back in this game. How many teams would've curled up and died after not scoring on a two-man advantage like the Rangers had in the second period?

-The Rangers outshot the Penguins 35-24.

-Naslund led the game with six shots.

-Fedotenko led the Penguins with five.

-Colton Orr, Aaron Voros and Henrik Lundqvist were the only Rangers not to get a shot on net.

-When was the last time Rob Scuderi led any game in ice time? He had 26:44.

-Gomez led the Penguins with 23:49.

-The Rangers had a 24-23 edge in faceoffs.

-Talbot was 5-for-8.

-Eaton's four blocked shots ultimately led the game.

-It's hard to give the Penguins' power play grief considering it was only on the ice two times, but a goal with the man advantage would've been helpful.

-Jordan Staal had a fairly strong game.

-We know he's coming off an injury, but did anyone see Matt Cooke?

-Game summary.

-Event summary.


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