Penguins 6, Blues 3 - 11-01-08

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We lied. The live blog isn't starting at 8 p.m. It's starting at 8:30 p.m. We're going out to get a pizza first.

Priorities people. Priorities.

In the mean time play some Dr. Mario. It's way addictive.

-We're back. We listened to the pregame show on WXDX-FM with Bob Grove. Grove addressed the recent comments from Capitals forward Alexander Semin in regards to Sidney Crsoby. Grove was in rare form. He completely ripped Semin. If Grove was in the same room with Semin, he would've ripped his shirt off and body slammed Semin. Then dropped an elbow on him. He was that upset.

-The Penguins' scratches are Mark Eaton, Paul Bissonnette and Ruslan Fedotenko.

-St. Louis will scratch Yan Stastny, David Koci and Mike Weaver. Koci and Weaver are the only Blues players with connections with the Penguins organization.

-Defenseman Alex Pietrangelo, St. Louis' first round draft pick this year, will play. He is a cousin of former Penguins goaltender Frank Pietrangelo. We're setting the over/under for "The Pietrangelos are cousins" at 3 1/2.

-Marc-Andre Fleury and Chris Mason will start in net.

-Janne Pesonen will make his Penguins debut. He will wear No. 20. The last person to wear that number for the Penguins was:

(Photo: Don Wright/Associated Press)

-In addition to Colby Armstrong, other notable No. 20s include: Mike Eastwood, Greg Johnson, Robert Lang, Luc Robitaille, Dave Hannan, Dave Hunter, Moe Mantha, Gary Rissling, Paul Gardner, Pete Mahovlich, Yvon Labre and Ab McDonald. McDonald was the team's first captain.


19:35: Keith Tkachuk knocks plows over Matt Cooke in front of the Blues' net. Cooke falls into Mason and knocks the net off.

19:19: Pesonen takes the ice with Evgeni Malkin and Petr Sykora.

18:58: Miroslav Satan takes the ice with Crosby. We like seeing that. We've said this before but Satan needs more time to get used to Crosby.

18:26: Before a facoeff, Eric Godard and Dan Hinote exchange their feeling on  the Court of Appeal of England and Wales. We think.

17:47: Cam Janssen imputs his opinion into the matter with Godard.

17:16: David Backes slams Jordan Staal into the boards.

16:18: Mason makes a fine save on Satan.

16:02: Eric Brewer is sent off for hooking.

15:25: Alex Goligoski tees up a big shot from the left point. Mason kicks it out.

15:03: Mason makes a big save on Malkin from the slot. Satan tries to back hand in the rebound but Mason makes another save.

14:02: Brewers' penalty is killed.

13:25: Fleury covers the puck.

13:05: Is it us or does Blues coach Andy Murray look like Skeletor?

11:33: T.J. Oshie gets a big opportunity off a feed in the slot. Fleury is able to make a big save. Oshie digs for a rebound but gets run over.

10:31: That was weird. Barrett Jackman collects a puck at the left point and fires a quick shot. Fleury is screen by Hal Gill and Rob Scuderi and doesn't appear to see it. The puck doinks off the bar in the net and bounces right out. Blues 1-0.

10:05: Brooks Orpik is called for tripping Hinote. That's a pretty bad call. Orpik hip checked him.

8:58: Maxime Talbot zips a cross ice pass to the great Mike Zigomanis. Zigomanis tries to direct the pass in net on a back hand but can't handle it cleanly.

8:05: The Penguins kill the penalty. That was a pretty aggressive job on the penalty kill. The maintained possession of the puck in the offensive zone quite a bit.

7:48: Dan Hinote dumps Satan in the corner with a nice check.

5:44: Jay McKee is sent to the penalty box for interference against Malkin. Coming out of commercial, Paul Steigerwald mentions that Pesonen wore a gold helmet as his team's leading scorer. Pesonen and the Pens must be so proud right now.

4:00: After a turnover by Darryl Sdyor in the Blues' zone, Jay McClement gets behind Sydor and gets a lead pass. McClement bears down on net, fighting off Sydor, he goes five hole on Fleury. Fleury makes the save and covers the rebound.

3:44: The Blues kill another penalty. The Penguins didn't mount much of an attack there.

 2:13: Oh wow! What a shot. Satan takes a pass from Crosby in the neutral zone. He moves into the Blues' zone, loses the puck for a moment, regains it and rips rising wrister over Mason on the glove side. Wow. When someone is described as a sniper, that's what they mean. Crosby and Kris Letang will get assists. Blues 1-Penguins 1.

1:57: The blues answer immediately. David Perron collects a puck dumped into the corner. He circles with it a bit along the board and zips a cross-ice pass to Oshie who knocks it in on a bang-bang play. That was pretty pass by Perron but the Penguins were a little lazy on defense there. Blues 2-1.

0:02: Gill collects a loose puck at the point and shuffles a weak backhander towards the net. It hits a body and never reaches the net.

0:00: End of period. Blues 2, Penguins 1.


-That was a pretty entertaining period. Lots of up and down play, a little bit of hitting and some goals.

-The Penguins have a 7-4 edge in shots.

-Satan leads the game with three.

-The Blues have a 13-8 advantage in faceoffs.

-Brad Boyes is 4-for-4.

-Malkin is 4-for-6.

-Jackman leads the game in ice time with 8:03.

-Satan is right behind him with 8:02.

-Pesonen has 4:30 in his first period of NHL hockey.

-Dan Potash offers us another piece on Dana Heinze, the Penguins' equipment manager, and where he stores all the team's equipment. The highlight of the piece is a Philipe DeRouville goaltenders stick.

-Sarah Palin's assault on Manny Legace is replayed:



19:02: Perron tries to generate a breakaway but Scuderi is able to dive and knock the puck away from him. Fantastic play.

18:46: Staal comes up ice on a two-on-one with Tyler Kennedy. He keeps the puck but rockets a wrister way above the net. Franchise players get that on net.

18:12: Pesonen has a breakaway chance but he's offsides by about 20 miles when he gets the puck.

17:36: Brewer cracks a one-timer from the right point but his shot misses the net.

16:36: Orpik tries to feed Chris Minard the puck in the slot. Minard is there but can't direct the puck on net.

16:01: Crosby has a chance in the slot alone with Mason. Crosby puts a backhander wide. Franchise players get that on net.

15:42: Mason robs Crosby with a right leg save.

15:36: Boyes rockets a shot on net. Fleury makes the save and the puck deflects out of play.

15:05: Letang leaves the ice holding his right hand. He yells about something involving manure. Replays show David Backes getting away with a major slash on Letang.

13:57: Goligoski collects the puck at the point. He dekes a bit, sneaks in and rips a wrister by Mason on the stick side. It looked like Satan had a nice screen on the play. Satan and Sydor get the assists. Blues 2, Penguins 2.

13:25: Wow the Blues come back right away. Or wait. Keith Tkachuk knocks a puck out of mid-air with a high stick. It drops into the slot where Boyes is Johnny-on-the-spot and knocks it in by an out-of-place Fleury. Officials immediately wave off the goal. The on-ice officials confer with officials off the ice. After a delay, an on-ice official points to center ice to signal a faceoff at center ice and that fools the Blues fans into thinking the goal was good. But it remains a non-goal. Tkachuk's high stick nullified it. Ironically enough, the old theme song of wrestler Kurt Angle, a Pittsburgh native, is played during the delay:


12:36: Letang returns to the ice.

11:40: Bob Errey mentions that Oshie left the ice after a faceoff with the the great Mike Zigomanis. Zigomanis is so awesome at faceoff, he injures those who dare challenge him.

10:07: Fleury makes a nice glove save off a wrister by Alex Pietrangelo

9:57: The Pietrangelos aren't cousins. They're just related according to Steigerwald.

9:02: Coming out of commercial, the Pietrangelos are related.

8:53: Brewer is called for holding.

7:38: Talk about making something out of nothing. Petr Sykora loses control the puck and Malkin zooms in and blasts a shot from the point that burns Mason on the far side. What an amazing shot. After Crosby dishes the puck to Sykora, Sykora loses it. Malkin just steps up and blasts it through McKee's "five hole" and it blows by Mason on the stick side. There aren't too many players in the league who could make that shot. Sykora and Crosby get the assists. Penguins 3-2.

7:01: Kennedy takes the puck behind the net and tries to jam it in with a backhander on a wraparound. Mason makes the inital save. Kennedy collects the rebound and jams it by Mason's left leg. Sloppy play by Mason. Matt Cooke and Staal get the assists. Penguins 4-2.

5:22: Hinote directs a shot on net from the right wing. Fleury keeps it out.

5:03: Pesonen shows he can be physical as he bangs a Blues player to the ice with a shoulder check.

4:04: Staal shoots a puck wide of the net.

3:53: Minard tees up a shot that Mason stops with a left pad. Nice save.

3:21: Just as Steigerwald and Errey get finishes singing the praises of the Penguins' play in this game, Talbot is called for hooking.

3:11: Tkachuk moves into the slot with the puck and sails a wrister well over the cage.

2:44: Scuderi goes tot he bench with a tender hand. Replays show Tkachuk getting away with a slash on him.

1:58: After Orpik golfs a puck down the ice, Mason almost mishandles it into his own net. He's looked shaky this period.

0:37: Right off a faceoff, Goligoski tees up a slapper. Mason makes the save.

0:10: Goligoski tees up another shot. This one is a one-timer. It hits a body. Sykora is able poke the rebound on net. Mason covers it. Sykora digs for another rebound. No dice. Alex Pietrangelo gives Sykora the business. Another Blues player goes after Sykora. A scrum ensues. Sykora goes nuts and tries to drop the gloves and throws a punc over the top of an official. He leave the ice holding his nose. Sykora and David Backes each get roughing minors. The Pietrangelos are cousins. Steigerwald apparenlty through the Pietrangelo family tree explains the complete full connection family connection. He's telling us who married who and who gave birth and everything.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 4, Blues 2.

-This was easily the best period the Penguins had since the third period of the 4-1 win against Carolina Oct. 23.

-Malkin explains his goal to Potash, "Sid good pass Syki (Sykora). Syki good pass me. Me shoot the puck."

-Works for us.

-We paraphrased that a bit, but that was rougly what Malkin said.

-The Penguins have an 18-11 lead in shots.

-Goligoski, Kenndy and Satan each lead the game with three.

-The Penguins have a 22-21 edge in faceoffs.

-The great mike Zigomanis and Brad Boyes are each 4-for-6.

-Letang leads the game with 15:50 of ice time.

-Jackman is leading the Blues with 15:24.

-Scuderi and Letang lead the game with two blocked shots.

-For EN commenter JimBibbySweat:


-Andre Savard had a bold look to him as he's interviewed by Potash:

-Former Penguins goaltender Les Binkley is shown in the stands.

-The period will start 4-on-4 for 1:50.


18:02: Satan puts a quicks wrister on net. Mason knocks it down and covers the rebound. The Blues are called for delay of game. Keith Tkachuk will serve the penalty.

17:53: Malkin blasts a slapper from the left point Mason kicks it out.

16:02: The Blues kills the penalty.

15:37: Andy McDonald, who's been pretty quiet tonight, puts a soft wrister on net that Fleury shuffles away.

14:36: Crosby tosses a backhander on net from the side of the cage. Mason knocks it down and covers it. A scrum develops behind the net. Errey says "Four Blues are surrounded by two Penguins."

14:28: Steigerwald mentions that Gill and Scuderi will serve as the alternate captains for November.

14:20: Fleury snags a weak wrister on net.

13:15: Staal moves into the offensive zone and leaves a drop pass for Kennedy. Kennedy fires a low wrister that Mason knocks away with his blocker.

12:33: Just when it seems the Penguins might be comfortable with this lead, Gill tosses the puck out of play. Two minutes.

12:10: Paul Kariya, who has also been quiet tonight, fires a low shot that Fleury fights off.

11:55: McDonald fires a wrister from the right wing that Fleury juuuust gets a piece of and deflects wide of the net.

11:39: Tkachuk is called for hooking Scuderi. We'll have four-on-for for 1:06.

10:29: Gills penalty expires. The Penguins will have a power play for 50 seconds.

 9:39: Tkachuk's penalty expires.

8:15: Orpik knocks Kariya to the ice with a nice check at center ice. Errey cites former Devils captain Scott Stevens mauling Kariya, then a Mighty Duck, during the 2003 Stanley Cup final:


7:41: Letang steals a puck in the neutral zone, moves up ice and fires a wrister that Mason knocks out of play.

6:48: Errey drops a Johan Garpenlov reference. Awesome.

5:11: Boyes wrist a wrister from the slot. Fleury kicks it out with a "thud."

4:47: Malkin steals the puck and works towars the goal. Malkin fires a high wrister that Mason is able to glove.

4:29: Malkin slides a backhanded pass into the slot for Sykora who fires a shot high of the net.

4:13: Kariya controls the puck along the boards and slides a pass into the slot for Patrik Berglund. Berglund fires a low wrister that Fleury makes an inital save on with his right leg. Berglund is right there to collect the rebound and put it by a prone Fleury. Nice pass by Kariya. Penguins 4-3.

3:41: Boyes fires a shot on net. Orpik swats away the rebound before any damage can be done.

3:33: Satan brings the puck into the Blues' zone and leaves a drop pass. Tkachuk tries to deliver a double axehammer to Satan and ignores Talbot trailing on the play. Talbot takes it and rips a wrister by Mason. Big response by the Penguins. Satan and Orpik get the assists. Penguins 5-3.

2:59: Staal steals the puck and tries to beat a few Blues. He falls to the ice before he can shoot however.

2:47: Pietrangelo fires a wrister low. Fleury covers it. Michel Therrien calls a timeout to organize an Uno tournament. We think. The Blues pull Mason for an extra attacker.

1:40: Boyes fires a slapper from the right wing. Orpik goes to the ice and blocks it with his left leg.

1:00: Satan tries to backhand a puck into the empty net but it goes wide.

0:34: Brewer collects a pass at the right point and blasts a slapper high. Fleury gloves it. The "Woo-Woo! song is played.


0:19: Malkin takes a pass from Kennedy and works the puck into the neutral zone. Instead of electing to get the easy goal, he dishes it to his struggling teammate, Staal. Staal tosses it into the cage for one of us. Very unselfish play by Malkin. Malkin and Kennedy get the assists. Penguins 6-3.

0:11: Berglund rings a shot off the cross bar.

0:00: End of game. Penguins 6, Blues 3.


-We hate to be a killjoy, but the Blues aren't exactly a very good team. Their goaltending is a mess. They have a lot of young, raw players. The Penguins should've beaten this team. But given their recent struggles, the Penguins will take any win the can get.

-This was the Penguins' most complete game since a 4-1 defeat of the Maple Leafs Oct. 18. They maintained a focused offensive attack for the entire game and didn't really give the Blues a lot of chances with the puck.

-Crosby and Satan seemed to be on the same page.

-We'd be lying if we said we noticed Pesonen a great deal, but he didn't seem overwhelmed by the speed of the game.

-The Penguins had a 28-22 lead in shots.

-Kennedy led the game with five shots.

-Boyes led St. Louis with three.

-The Penguins controlled the faceoffs, 36-27.

-The great Mike Zigomanis was 8-for-11.

-Letang led the game with 25:28 of ice time.

-Jackman led the Blues with 24:17.

-Letang led the game with four blocked shots.

-Sykora moved into the top 100 on the Penguins' career scoring list. His assist gives him 67 career points as a Penguin which is 98th most all-time with the franchise. Gary McAdam, Markus Naslund and Dennis Owchar all have 67 points as well, but Sykora has more goals (29) than them.

-Game summary.

-Event summary.


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