Picture this - 12-28-08

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

We have a few pictures of our own and from other readers that we've been meaning to post. Today presents an opportunity to do so:

-First we get our stuff out of the way. We took a picture of this definite jersey foul last night which somehow snuck through the cracks during our live blog last night:

-We know Mellon Arena will only be around for another season and a half, but this is definitely a parking signage foul if such a thing exists:

-EN reader Brandon Cochenour spotted a Jay Caufield jersey:

-EN reader Michael Zumbo of Long Beach Island, N.J. sent us a picture of this jersey he owns and a question:

"I've realized that you have somewhat of an obsession for hockey jerseys, and I think I have one you might find pretty interesting.  I bought it around 2000 at a Starter outlet in New York.  I know the team has never used this jersey, unless they  used it as a practice jersey which I doubt. Tell me what you think about this possible jersey foul."

-Michael Zumbo

EN Says: We don't know what to make out of this jersey. We've seen versions of it for several years and it's always been a big question mark to us. It's something made by Starter which used to make official jerseys for the NHL.

Before make a ruling one way or another, we need to round up some more information. Does anyone know the backstory on this jersey?

-EN reader Doug Keklak spotted a scan of this old school print ad for USA's NHL coverage over at Uniwatch:

-The Devils Christmas colors make us feel like we're in sixth grade again.

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