Picture this - 1-2-09

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Another day, another batch of reader photos.

First up is Bethany Mingle who shipped on up to Boston for last night's game with some friends:

"Nine of us piled into two cars and drove from Altoona to Boston to see the 'Guins on New Year's Day... fail. We were part of a 30-person group of pens fans... the loudest 30 people in the building. Boston fans stink. they can't heckle for (anything).

'Pittsburgh xxxxx!'

'At least we can sell out our arena!'

'Pittsburgh xxxxx!'

'Doing better than than the Pats!'

'How's Ben Worthlessberger doing?'

'He's in the playoffs, we'll tell you when he gets back'

'Pittsburgh xxxxx!'

'New insult please?'

Maybe we could make a good will offering of a thesaurus to the fans of Boston. That place was so quiet I considered asking where the Tween fiction section was but I couldn't find the librarian."

-New EN Rule: You come up with a Tim Wallace poster and send us a pic? It gets posted.

(Note: This picture was posted over at The Pensblog as well.)

EN reader Lauren took in quite a bit of black and gold action this past week or so. First she visited some family in Philadelphia for Christmas and caught a Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins game against the rival Philadelphia Phantoms:

-The old Flyers' retired numbers (and the Grateful Dead) are still in the Spectrum:

-John Curry:

-Bill Thomas about to take a faceoff:

-Ben Lovejoy:

-The inside of the Spectrum:

-The outside of the Spectrum:

-Lauren was at Sunday's Steelers' game and saw a familiar face (and butt cut) on the scoreboard; Jeff Jimerson:

-Finally Lauren went to Tuesday's NHL Penguins' game:

-Sidney Crosby and Petr Sykora:

-Jordan Staal getting congratulated for his 200th career game:

-The Penguins celebrating their second goal:

-A faceoff:

-Tim Wallace and Milan Lucic going at it:

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