Chris Osgood is insecure - 1-27-09

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We actually linked to this article this morning but totally overlooked this little tidbit from Red Wings goaltender Chris Osgood (above). The Pensblog and Abel to Yzerman were a little bit more heads up and caught it.

While complaining about the All-Star Lame Game suspensions to teammates Pavel Datsyuk and Nicklas Lidstrom, Osgood kind of went off on the Penguins being the media darlings of the NHL:

"In the salary-cap era, the league is built for different teams to win every year, so it wouldn't be good if we won again, would it? You see a lot of commercials with us in it? Most of it is Pittsburgh scoring on us (in the Finals) and we're the team that won. I think we're the New York Yankees of the NHL. People dislike us. We have our fans, but there probably are a lot of people that love to see us lose and love to see us get guys suspended. We look at that as a nice challenge."

-This is the commercial Osgood is complaining about:

-The NHL wanted to use more clips of Osgood, but the only ones available were of him flopping like a fish. We think:

EN Says: The idea the NHL wouldn't benefit from the Red Wings having maximum exposure in any of the league's showcase events is clearly absurd. Detroit, poor attendance or not, is one of the league's best markets within the United States. The Penguins' presence wasn't the only reason the ratings for the Cup final were good by the NHL's standards. Detroit's involvement more than contributed to that success. And this season's Winter Classic generated big ratings as well due in large part to the Red Wings.

Osgood should maybe worry about reclaiming his starting job and quit being so paranoid.

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