Slovakia vs. Norway - 02-24-10

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

-This was a surprising game too. Slovakia got a scare just like their Czech rivals but still pulled out a tough 4-3 win.

-You have to wonder if Norway would've won this game if Ole-Kristian Tollefsen doesn't take a five minute major early in the game for hitting Slovakia forward Lubos Barteckos in the head. Slovakia got two goals during that power play. Norway eventually tied the game up, but if they don't start the game in a hole, this is a different game.

-Of immediate concern is the play of Jaroslav Halak. He is the main reason the Slovakians were able to do some damange in the preliminary round. He was not sharp tonight and he allowed the overmatched Norwegians to put three goals on the board. He needs to be better if Slovakia has any hope of upset Sweden.

-What we really liked about Slovakia was their ablitity to spread the wealth. They got four goals from four different players.

-Marian Gaborik continues to show he's one of the best players in the world. He is not visibly hobbled by his leg injury.

-When did it become a good idea to go after Zdeno Chara? The Russians (mainly Alex Ovechkin) did in in the preliminary round. Slovakia won. Norway did it tonight. Slovakia won. It's not like you're going after a soft defenseman who might be afraid to hang in there and move the puck at the last minute. Zdeno Chara is the biggest hockey player in the world. No body scares him.

-You have to admire the fight in the Norwegians. Even if they're short on skill, they went at it with every team they faced tooth and nail.

-We hardly knew you Tore Vikingstad (above).

-Slovakia has a 40-19 advantage in shots.

-Gaborik led with nine.

-Patrick Thoresen led Slovakia with four.

-Jonas Holos led the game with 29:41.

-Chara led the Slovaks with 21:59.

-Miroslav Satan, who scored the game-winning goal, had 15:23 of ice time and three shots. Fire Ray Shero.

-Zigmund Palffy had 17:13 of ice time, five shots and one assist. Fire Craig Patrick.

-Marian Hossa had 16:56 of ice time, three shots, one assist and was a minus-2. Promote Ray Shero.

-Martin Strbak had 20:31 of ice time and two shots. Eh... give Craig Patrick a lateral position.

-Game summary.

(Photo: Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

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