Sabres at Penguins - Second Period - 03-02-10

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20:00: The Sabres will start the period with 1:08 of power play time on fresh ice. Eaton, Oprik, Adams and Talbot wil star the period.

18:52: The Letang penatly is killed. The Sabres only generated on solid scoring chance during htat two minutes.

17:52: Malkin circles around the net and deals a backhanded pass to Orpik in the slot. Orpik chops shot on net. Lalime boots it out.

16:47: Oh wow was that pretty. Who says Malkin needs new scoring wingers. Dupuis plays the puck around the boards from the left wing. Fedotneko takes it in the opposite corner, turns and immediately dishes it back to the slot. Dupuis jumps on it and one-touches it by Lalime by his right foot. That was some slick passing there. That said, Lydman needs to to a better job of sticking with Dupuis. Fedotenko and Makin get assists. The "Hey Song" is always slick. Penguins 2-0.

13:16: And Lydman makes amends. Kaleta gains the blue line on the left wing. He leaves a drop pass for Lydman who steps up and blasts a one-timer through traffic and by Johnson's glove hand. Johnson had no idea where that puck was. He was screened by Eaton and two Sabres. Kaleta and Rivet get assists. Penguins 2-1.

12:23: Off a faceoff wing, Goligoski strikes a one-timer from the left point. Lalime reaches up and gloves it in front of his face.

12:05: Malkin gets dropped with a nice shoulder check from Lydman down low to the left of the cage. Makin is a little slow to recover. Play continues.

10:24: Mike Rupp picks up a puck in the neutral zone, gains the blue line and goes towards the net with speed. He tries an outside move but Sekera is able to flop down and knock it away with a nice poke check.

9:11: Crosby spins and chops a shot through traffic on net from the left point. Lalime hops up and makes theĀ  the save.

8:34: Attendance is announced as 17,132, a complete standing room only sell-out. It is the team's 150th consecutive sellout.

7:54: Letang blocks a wrister from the slot out of play.

6:57: Makin takes a jab at a Sabre along the boards and knocks him over.

3:37: Rupp just cobbed Tim Kennedy behind the Sabres net with a cross check. No call.

2:43: Orpik is nabbed for hooking Vanek. Eaton, Cooke, Staal and Gonchar take the ice.

2:06: Pominville has a slapper from the top of the slot blocked out of play by Adams.

2:03: Off a faceoff win, Leopold chips the puck down ice for a clear.

1:02: Talbot drives the puck up into the Sabres zone and circles around the board to eat clock. That ends when Adams mashes him into the boards.

0:43: Orpik's penalty is killed. The Sabres generated very few chances there.

0:00: End of period. Penguins 2, Sabres 1.


-First off, nothing is finalized on any potential deals the Penguins are working on. Hold off on buying any new jerseys.

-With that out of the way, things kind of slowed down that period. Neither team really challenged each other all that much. It was more of a tight-checking period. That said, two goals were scored.

-Makin is playing with some purpose tonight. He looks pretty motivated.

-Lalime has setted down a bit.

-We're digging the new fourth line of Rupp, Adams and Talbot. They've worked really well down low.

-Leopold continues to look as advertised. He's a smooth skater with some burst and he just knows what to do with the puck.

-Leopold has 12:28 of ice time on 14 shifts, one takeaway and one blocked shot.

-The Penguins have a 21-15 lead in shots.

-Pominville leads the game with four shots.

-Dupuis, Orpik and Malkin each lead the Penguins with three.

-Gonchar leads the game with 15:52 of ice time.

-Sekera leads the Sabres with 15:05.

-The Penguins have a 16-13 lead in faceoffs (55 percent).

-Derek Roy is 5 for 7 (71 percent).

-Malkin is 4 for 6 (67 perecent).

-Sekera leads the game with four bocked shots.

-Gonchar and Letang each lead the game with four blocked shots.

-Click here for the third period.

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