Picture this - 3-29-09

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Another batch of goodies from EN readers.

-When we put pen to parchment for the Jersey Foul Bill of Rights, we assumed there where some areas in the art of wearing a jersey we wouldn't have to really explain. There ust are some things you really shouldn't have to make rules about. Right?

-EN reader Barb spotted this cabbage-brain who is challenging our assumption that idea of wearing a shirt of any kind backwards is just something that doesn't require any sort of formal ruling:

-Unless this gentleman is involved with some sort of Kris Kross tribute band, that is indeed a jersey foul. This goes beyond jersey fouls really. We're getting into life foul territory.

(We were asked to block this gentleman's face for his own sake.)

Two readers spotted this Eddie Shack jersey at yesterday's game. First, Katy Kemp:

Then, Tim King:

 -Jason Bakaj spotted a version of this jersey at yesterday's game:

-We'll call a foul on this one. Just recognizing the World Wide Leader is a foul in our book.

-An anonymous reader spotted a Jeff Taffe jersey from last season:

-Mike Bober sent us a shot of Brooks Orpik looking agitated in warm ups:

-Sergei Gonchar with this weird little pompadour thing going on with his hair:

-Some of the signage hanging from the north F baclony:

-It's a little fuzzy, but another anonymous reader spotted a Steve McKenna jersey at a Dairy Queen in Carnegie:

-We wonder if he wore No. 5 in the preseason or something several years ago. The Penguins' media guide does not ever list him as ever wearing that number in an official capacity.

-A.J. Doyle sent us a Zarley Zalapski jersey on Center Ave.:

-Steve Mazefsky sends us a few in-game shots. In light of this gentleman's cool lid, we'll let the jersey foul slide:

-Sean Avery after his fight with Tyler Kennedy:

-Colton Orr looking as if ate an onion while fighting Eric Godard:

-Another Orr-Godard shot:

-Evgeni Malkin parking it in front of Henrik Lundqvist:

-Chris Gunz spotted a few things. Like this Sidney Crosby Rimouski Oceanic jersey foul:

-A complicated relationship:

-The Cotton Candy Guy:

-Lowell Murray spotted... this:

-Lowell actuall found this at

-Alan Faneca. Not amused.

-Finally, a scene we see after just about every game. On Center Ave., there's an island that fans will stand on in all kinds of rough weather after day and night games hoping to get autographs from players stuck at the red light:

-Hopefully we got everyone. Given yesterday's e-mail issues, we may have lost track of a few submissions. As always, the address is srorabaugh AT

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