Jack Edwards compares Bruins' win to war - 4-20-09

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

While plenty of folks have gotten upset this season over the blatant homerism and hyperbole of NESN play-by-play announcer Jack Edwards, we've mostly have laughed it off. We have actually enjoyed it for the most part. When he basically became the second coming of Tony Schiavone during a near line brawl between the Stars and Bruins in November, we played the clip for everyone here in the office. And we were certainly playful last month with his maniacal laughter at a hit from behind by Bruins forward Milan Lucic on Flyers defenseman Randy Jones.

It's sports and it's supposed to be fun.

But tonight, Edwards crossed the line in our book.

He basically compared the Bruins 4-2 win in Montreal to war.

Courtesy of Greg Wyshynski of Yahoo!:

We assume Edwards has never had anyone in his life impacted directly by war. Because if he had, he would not have made such a stupid, ignorant statement.

What Edwards is referring to is Patriots' Day. It's a holiday mainly celebrated in Massachusetts which commemorates the Battles of Lexington and Concord, They were the start of the Revolutionary War. It's a pretty big deal in Boston so we an understand why it was Edwards' mind.

But that doesn't excuse him.

If he had made a flip, careless statement off the top of his head and said something along the lines of "The Bruins won this war," we wouldnt really think much of it. While unfortunate, it's a cliche in sports which has been around forever. We've caught ourselves on the verge of saying it time to time.

But Edwards read off what seemed like prepared statement. He planned on doing this.

People died at Lexington and Concord. And just because it happened over 230 years ago, that doesn't make it any less ignorant of a statement. No one in their right mind would cite the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan while describing a goal by Chuck Kobasew.

Edwards and NESN should be embarrassed.

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