Empty Netter Assists - 6-1-09

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Playoff Stuff


-Dave Molinari's recap from last night's game. - "Tonight, I think we outplayed them." - Hal Gill.

-The Detroit News' recap. - "Ozzie saved us." - Detroit forward Henrik Zetterberg on goaltender Chris Osgood.

-The Associated Press' recap. - "They've given us everything we can handle in two games." - Osgood on the Penguins.'s recap. Detroit Mike Babcock is happy to get some time off.

-Mike Lange's goal call.

-"It's just two losses." - Marc-Andre Fleury.

-Should Evgeni Malkin (above) be suspended for Game 3 after his fight with Zetterberg?

-Malkin's fight:

-Osgood's flop after getting slashed by Maxime Talbot still makes us laugh.

-Babcock accused Sidney Crosby of head hunting in Game 1 prior to Game 2.

-Babcock then cleared up his statement after Game 2 and apologized to Crosby.

-Has Marc-Andre Fleury been a massive disappointment?

-Are the Penguins better right now than they were one year ago?

-Can the Penguins come back?

-"We don't have to change a whole lot, to be honest with you." - Crosby.

-Forget about talent. This series has been about will.

-Should Dan Bylsma have called a time out prior to the goal by Detroit defenseman Jonathan Ericsson?

-This is not the 2008 Evgeni Malkin.

-Crosby, Fleury, Chris Kunitz and Pascal Dupuis speak:

-Malkin hates beards.

-There were a ton of yinzers in Joe Louis Arena once again.

-Today's comparison of the 1984 Oilers to the 2009 Penguins is brought to you by the 1984 Oilers.

-Game 1 had an average of 4.5 million viewers.

-CBC's pregame introduction:

-Don Cherry's Dos Equis impression:

-If you'll spare us a moment of personal vanity, we actually ended up in the Cherry's skit:

Red Wings

-Detroit has been getting big contributions from its role players.

-Jonathan Ericsson is one tough dude.

-Is Detroit getting a little too much help?

-Osgood luffed off the Malkin-Zetterberg fight.

-The Red Wings are one of the few bright spots in the city of Detroit.

-Valtteri Filppula's eventual game-winning goal:

-How much does Detroit miss Pavel Datsyuk?

-Henrik Zetterberg has been all over Sidney Crosby.

-Babcock's confidence in forward Darren Helm has grown.

-As promised, here's a look at the names of the Detroit's latest Cup winner on the wall near the team's locker room:

-The Red Wings have had a lot of luck.

-Joe Louis Arena is a classic.

Adams Division

- "We wanted to try to build an intense start to the series." -Gary Bettman basically lying about why he let NBC dictate the start of the Stanley Cup final.

Non-Playoff Stuff

Southeast Division

-The NHL is officially investigating allegations by a suspected Florida drug dealer that members of the Capitals purchased steroids.

Pacific Division

-Remember how that co-general manager thing with BrettĀ  Hull and Les Jackson was such an awesome idea? Well.... apparently not. The Stars hired former player Joe Nieuwendyk (right) as general manager and re-assigned Hull and Jackson to other positions within in the organization.

-The Globe and Mail can't seem to go more than a day without writing something about the Coyotes and Jim Balsillie.

(Photo: Malkin-Claus Anderson/Getty Images; Nieuwendyk-Photobucket)

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