Umm... This could be a problem - 9-1-09

Written by Seth Rorabaugh on .

Versus went dark on DirecTV as of midnight.

Basically, Comcast, which own Versus as well as many other mediocre forms of media, wants DirecTV to pay more for its lackluster lineup of offroad unicycle racing, eel fishing, gopher hunting and the occasional NHL match up. DirecTV doesn't feel like paying more for programming as bland as Keith Jones' commentary.

And DirecTV customers like us are stuck in the middle.

DirecTV and Versus each have their own cute fluffy "we're right, they're wrong" propaganda Web pages up. Feel free to visit them and be treated like pawns.

Usually, we have a hard time finding a side to root for between two giant souless corporations fighting over our money. But we've had nothing but good service from DirecTV for nine years while our limited dealings with Comcast have only ever been aggravating. And they own the Flyers.

So... Go DirecTV!

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