Solutions for Haiti

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "Orphaned Haitian Children Arrive in Pittsburgh" (Jan. 20):

Pittsburgh, particularly Jamie and Ali McMutrie, has reached out to lend its hand to Haitian children left homeless as a result of the devastating earthquake.

While we're all touched by these generous acts, now is the time to look for meaningful, long-term solutions for beleaguered Haiti. The nation cannot be saved by adopting out a handful of children or granting temporary permanent residency to its nationals who are living illegally in the United States.

Send those 200,000 illegal Haitian immigrants back home to help out. If the United States can order 10,000 troops to help with the cleanup, Haitians should be eager to return to assist their countrymen.

Then, once stabilized, send family planning experts to Haiti to educate them about how to reduce their explosive level of population growth.

The average number of children born to Haitian women is 3.75, which means that its population doubles every 35 years.

With a per capita income of less than $500 annually, as long as Haiti's unsustainable growth rate continues, the country will never pull itself up.


Bradford Woods


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