A call for maturity

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding the demonstrators outside the Pittsburgh High School for Creative and Performing Arts on Monday: They held a sign reading "Kids Rage, [Expletive] Police," played pop-rock for dramatic effect and called out to us students, "Don't hold that anger in!" Assuming they were referring to the Jordan Miles incident ("CAPA Student Claims City Police Beat Him," Jan. 22), I can only hang my head in shame. They put words into my mouth that I don't want to say.

Other teenagers may not have the self-respect to control their emotions, but the majority of CAPA students have the understanding that violent reaction is futile. Where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. succeeded in liberating the abused with love, the Rodney King riots failed to bring justice with hatred. Jordan's mother has this understanding as well, and it was her own son who fell victim to brutality. That is why she may file a lawsuit, not parade through the streets wielding fury.

Do not make Jordan a martyr. Although this horrifying offense appears to be a case of misused police power, do not ignore the deeper issue of racial profiling. As a CAPA student, I will not degrade myself by filling the shoes of a stereotypical teen blinded by rage, but will learn from this and walk through life with more tolerance for my fellow beings than ever before. Have the motivation to change the justice system by being an upstanding and active citizen, as we all should. Set the example. Be mature.


Squirrel Hill


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