Let's again be doers

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "Get This Wind Farm Moving" (Jan. 11 As Others See It, an editorial from The New York Times): A wind farm in Nantucket Sound was a great idea from the time it was first proposed. Limitless clean energy, near population centers, what more could one ask? How about a nine-year wait with the first piling yet to be poured.

We have become a nation of talkers, and litigators, not doers. The Empire State Building was started on Jan. 22, 1930, and finished on May 1, 1931. The replacement for the World Trade Center tower is years away from completion. Hoover Dam was conceived in 1922, construction was started in 1930 and the project finished in 1936. It was the first of many projects in the Colorado and Columbia basins that were all finished within a few years of proposal.

However, a project that will benefit many and inconvenience a few sits on the drawing board tied up by petty litigants to the benefit of no one. Meanwhile, China and Europe leap ahead of us in all forms of alternative energy. Somewhere in the last few decades we have decided that a small minority of individuals or animals can slow down progress that benefits millions of people for silly reasons. Wake up, America! The world is passing you by.


Mount Washington


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