Mass. voters showed little regard for the rest of us

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

It is a terrible shame that Massachusetts elected a Republican to Congress. It shows us how much respect they had for a public servant who worked tirelessly for decades only to benefit the people of the commonwealth. But for the GOP and the media to make so much out of this loss is disheartening because, as I understand it, only 100,000 votes separated the winner from the looser in a state with 6.5 million people.

In all the news reports I have seen and read there was no mention that Massachusetts has a form of universal health care. Yes, this vote was about health care and it clearly stated, "We have ours, we just don't want you to have yours." Gosh, it might cost us something - the new, unfortunate American philosophy of looking out for the individual good and no longer for the common good.

The light of the American dream has substantially dimmed since 1980, and truthfully, the light is ready to be switched off. But this election hasn't pulled the switch; it's the distrust and deregulation in government, the misleading and untrue adds on television, the failure to read information and understand the facts and their consequences and to stand up as a nation to fight the special interests that will do it. Something extraordinary had better be done soon.


Tionesta, Forest County



The writer is formerly of Wilkinsburg.


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