A change in thinking is necessary to truly help Haiti

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I believe letter writers Greg Godels and Beverly Darwin ("Haiti Could Do Without Such Insensitivity" and "Brooks Is Confused," Jan. 24, respectively) missed columnist David Brooks' main point ("Haiti Was Destroyed by People, Not Nature," Jan. 17 Forum).

Haitians live in an active earthquake zone. Another such quake is to be expected. If they rebuild the way they've built in the past and with the thinking of the past, then another quake will be another major disaster.

I refer them to Page H-4 of the Jan. 24 PG, where letters (responding to a real-estate article) appeared about a low-cost earthquake-resistant house ("Readers Go Over Uncovered Ground From Dome Home Article"). I do think this is Mr. Brooks' main point: Don't help Haitians do again what they did in the past. Help them to start anew.

Both Mr. Brooks and Pat Robertson spent some time blaming the people themselves. Not nice nor worthwhile, but don't throw the baby out with the bath water. Recognize the worth of Haitians starting fresh.

But I can just see them using the bricks and blocks and pieces of "stuff" from their fallen houses to build anew, which will be groundwork for another tragedy.





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