Quit with the blame

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

We had a record-setting amount of snowfall, which is already four times the monthly average for February, and the bad street conditions in Pittsburgh are all the fault of Mayor Luke Ravenstahl?

One letter writer from Hampton blames that on Democrats (I suspect he also blames the economic crisis on President Obama) and says the streets in Hampton are clear. I guess that means Hampton schools were open all week after the snow, right?

Clearing streets of snow in municipalities with few or no cars parked on the streets cannot be compared with doing so in cities where there are literally thousands of vehicles parked on the streets. Portions of the Pennsylvania Turnpike were closed twice in five days (probably because of Democrats).

U.S. Rep. Tim Murphy requested help from the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and several Eastern states, including Pennsylvania, declared states of emergency. People should do their part to help during such a time. Stay home, shovel your sidewalks, quit whining and quit playing the "blame game."




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