Ultimate blunder

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I can only hope that voters will remember four years from now the ineptitude of an administration led by Mayor Boy Blunder. Remember the corporate golf outings, remember taking the bodyguard to Detroit and remember being MIA recently -- other than for a few photo-ops answering 311 calls and riding with the National Guard, promising if people in the city needed help that emergency services would get to them. Which brings us to the most inexcusable offense of leaving a Hazelwood man waiting 30 hours for emergency responders to get to him and the man ultimately passing away.

It's time for you to go, Boy Blunder, and time for Pittsburghers to do their homework this next election cycle and send this mayor on permanent vacation. Unfortunately, we have about four more mayoral birthdays to party through till that glorious day arrives.

Perhaps then we can see true leadership on Grant Street with a mayor who can respond to reporters' inquiries without having a public meltdown.



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