The state makes the rebate process difficult for seniors

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

State Auditor General Jack Wagner recently commented that the state is guilty of a lack of communication when it comes to the property tax rebate from gambling revenues that so many are entitled to, as was originally promised.

He is absolutely correct. There is very poor communication.

He went on to speak of rebate forms that need to be filed by property owners by a certain date to be eligible for such a rebate. People in Harrisburg who require property owners to fill out forms do so knowing full well that many property owners are old and cannot function well enough to go through the process of making phone calls and filling out forms and are, in general, at the mercy of someone else for most of their needs. In other words, many rebate forms will never be sent. I believe that is by design.

The state knows how much people earn; it knows how much people pay in the way of taxes; it has more information about people than the people have themselves. No one should be required to fill out a rebate form.

We can rest assured that if we fail to pay property taxes, they will have a sheriff's sale very quickly and they will know exactly how much is owed and how much is delinquent.

This concept of having gambling pay for property taxes was a con game to begin with and, like so many other things the government does for us, generally results in just the opposite.




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