Where are the jobs?

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

If the $862 billion stimulus bill specifically touted as designed to immediately create jobs for the millions of the unemployed failed to do so, why should we think that going into debt for an additional $15 billion for a second "jobs" bill will have different results?

Depending on whom you believe, the stimulus bill created or saved very few or as many as 2 million jobs. The numbers that really mean anything are the 7.6 percent unemployment rate before the "jobs" bill and the 10 percent rate after the "jobs" bill.

The only new jobs created or saved are in the public (government) not the private (business) sector. Where are the jobs in the business sector that are required to continue supporting public employees in the manner in which they expect and have become accustomed to?

The Obama administration would have us believe that only a portion of the stimulus monies has been spent thus far; the rest will be spent this year on infrastructure projects that will create millions of new jobs!

If that's the case, why do we need a second jobs bill when the money from the first jobs bill hasn't been spent?

Or is Mr. Obama afraid of telling us that his stimulus jobs bill has been a complete failure and billions of our tax dollars are going down a rat hole?



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