PG's attitude toward lost school time is pathetic

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding "Snow Response: School Cancellations Merit Flexibility From the State" (Feb. 16 editorial): You can't be serious. When every other advanced performing country in the world has more school days and longer school days than the United States, when we are spending literally hundreds of billions of dollars in federal money to try to get minuscule improvements in education, when the largest tax most people pay is for their schools, when our students are failing in huge numbers to even reach basic levels of proficiency, you seem to think that our students and teachers need more time off.

The paltry 180-day minimum demanded by state law is far too low as it is, and you are worried that someone might miss a vacation or, god forbid, have to go a few extra days in June. I am simply amazed that your editorial is asking for these days to be "forgiven" instead of mocking those who are crying for the makeup of these days to be waived.

The education of our children is one of the most, if not the most, important tasks that we have as parents, as adults and as a society. I hate to tell you, but we are sadly failing in that task and your logic in this editorial is indicative of why.

Obviously we value a vacation more, we value a "weeklong spring break" more, we value summer jobs and internships more and we value a tiny percentage of students who might start college in the summer of their senior year more. (Keep in mind that all seniors make up only about 7 percent of K-12 students, that those going to college are only a percentage of those and those going to college in the summer following their senior year are a tiny fraction of those.) Sad.





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