Yes, never again

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The Jan. 15 letter of Jennifer Olbum ("Deserving of Thanks") could not have been more on target. She accurately describes the military buildup of Hamas since 2005, Israel's gesture toward the Palestinians in warning of impending military action and the debt of gratitude all of us owe to Israel for taking on terrorism in the appropriate manner.

But for all her relevant points none is more profound than her invoking of "never again," which is really what this is about. Ms. Olbum is 100 percent correct, "the world response, though not surprising, is inexcusable." Perhaps those Florida protesters can't conceive that we will "never again" line up, take the Nazi bullet to the head and fall passively into the pit.

Make no mistake about it. This is an exercise in "never again," and to those who would lob missiles into southern Israel, we're not about to fall in the pit. No … never again.

Israel, tempered by the Holocaust, gets "never again." Tragically, 9/11 was not enough to instill it in Americans. That's why Israel fights terrorism the way she does, and why we fight it the way we do.



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