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The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette or Fox News? Hard to tell in your "news story" of the proposed Allegheny County anti-discrimination bill ("Discrimination Bill Draws Large Crowd," Jan. 16). The article began with three paragraphs devoted to the thoughts of a retired military veteran who "braved" the cold to speak out on his belief that homosexuality is "condemned by God." And one anti-gay interviewee wasn't enough for the PG; in the next paragraph, the reporter found a second person who said God condemns homosexual behavior.

Only when the article jumped to Page 3 did the PG run comments from a supporter of the lesbian and gay community, the Rev. Janet Edwards. Then, amazingly, without a quote from a single lesbian or gay activist, the article went right back to comments from a third person opposing the anti-discrimination bill -- a former Christian missionary in Ethiopia -- who believes gay people face no discrimination.

As a journalist, I am sick of seeing articles like this touted as "balanced" reporting, when in fact they are deeply biased. I'm surprised the Post-Gazette didn't open its coverage of Barack Obama's historic inauguration with the opinion of the grand wizard of the KKK.

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