Compromises for all

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I like to gamble, and I am a proud smoker. But there is no way I will ever gamble at a casino that does not provide at least 50 percent of its playing space for smoking ("Smoking Now Allowed on Half of Meadows' Casino Floor," Jan. 15). I'm not about to play for hours if I can't relax with a smoke. For me, that's enjoyment I don't mind paying for.

I believe that efficient business people have studied the interests and attitudes of gamblers and realize that smokers linger longer, and thus spend more than their nonsmoking friends. Having nonsmoking legislators set the rules for how casinos, bars, restaurants and bingos should be operated is like sending an elephant in to "redd up" a china shop.

Certainly, smokers have become more considerate of the concerns of others and are indeed displeased to see the small minority of ignoramuses inflict discomfort upon nonsmokers. But these yahoos are now few; we not-so-few have been "educated" by the media.

I'm sure that if we've been able to send men into space we can control the quality of air in a casino. Compromise, such as we smokers have been forced into, would also serve the zealots well. But then, do zealots ever compromise? Give just an inch or two, and we can all enjoy a night out together. A little whiff of smoke should not convince you that you're doomed.

Turtle Creek


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