America, land of the free, not the fearful

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I must respond to Harry A. Flannery's Jan. 23 letter in which he warns President Barack Obama that possibly "we are doomed" because he is closing Guantanamo and halting torture for intelligence ("Mr. Obama, Without Safety We Have Nothing").

If Osama bin Laden wants to destroy our freedom, he can never do it through plane attacks, car bombs or even -- heaven forbid -- a nuclear attack. He can, however, recruit Mr. Flannery to do his dirty work by propagating fear. Only we can destroy our freedom because we vote and enact law. Like Mr. Flannery, some politicians justify war, invasive domestic intelligence and torture as the price of freedom. I contest this in the highest degree, because freedom necessitates the opposite.

A free society cannot be a fearful society. If Mr. Flannery wants to do "whatever it takes" to make himself safe, he can hide in his basement. A free society cannot coincide with a security state. I would rather die today free and fearless than live another 75 years safe and afraid.

If America is the land of the free, then where are the brave? Assuredly, there is one in the Oval Office.

Highland Park


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