Dignified care

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I would like to comment regarding the letter sent by R. Picardi ("In Lily's Name," Jan. 22). I also am the guardian of a cat that was adopted from the Western Pennsylvania Humane Society, and I feel that the characterization of the WPHS as a "killing mill" does a disservice to the staff and volunteers of this organization.

These men and women do a tremendous job of dealing with an exploding animal population using largely donated funds and materials and a large pool of volunteers who love and care about animals. To imply that WPHS destroys animals indiscriminately is simply unfair.

The "open door" policy of WPHS guarantees that each and every animal brought to its doors will be admitted, regardless of health, age or personality issues. This is a policy that ensures that WPHS will see animals that have been refused admittance by shelters that loudly proclaim themselves to be "no kill." It is a policy that also ensures that WPHS will find itself in the position of being the bad guys who are periodically forced to euthanize animals.

I have volunteered at the shelter, and I have seen firsthand that each animal that enters the shelter is treated with dignity. Each animal is screened carefully to determine its suitability for adoption. Unfortunately, there are times when an animal will be euthanized. This is not a decision made lightly, but this, when it must be done, is done in a dignified manner. And rest assured, every one of these animals is mourned by the staff and volunteers of the Humane Society.

Supporting the Humane Society ensures that unwanted animals will be able to avoid the real killing mills of abuse, neglect and indifference.



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