Obama seems to value 'smart' over 'ethical'

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding your Jan. 26 editorial "Ethics and Transparency: The People's Principles Return to the White House": You have to be kidding. The enormous gulf between President Barack Obama's rhetoric on ethics and his actions to date gives new meaning to the word hypocrisy.

Take Mr. Obama's promotion of a tax cheat, Timothy Geithner, to treasury secretary. Even though this guy regularly received notices from the International Monetary Fund informing him that taxes were due, he not only failed to pay the taxes but also cashed the tax reimbursement checks that were sent with the notices.

Then, you have Eric Holder's nomination for attorney general. He engineered the pardon of a notorious fugitive, Marc Rich, who had fled this country with millions of dollars, only to wait out a presidential pardon. So much for respect for the rule of law.

Then, there's Hillary Clinton's blatant conflicts of interest involving millions of dollars in donations to her husband's foundation from foreign governments with whom Mrs. Clinton will be dealing as secretary of state. Such conflicts of interest are the very kind of ethics violations that lawyers get disbarred for in the real world.

So much for the people's principles. I guess the new standard of the Obama administration is it is more important for a Cabinet official to be "smart" than ethical.

So, please don't insult our intelligence by touting the ethical standards of Mr. Obama, who hails from that ethical bastion of Chicago and its notorious street politics. We're not buying it. When is the PG going to hold this president to the same level of scrutiny/accountability that it lavished on our last president? (Oh, that's right, there was an "R" next to his name.)

Squirrel Hill


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