Posturing hypocrites

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I am truly at a loss for words trying to convey the contempt and disgust I feel for the bloviating, posturing hypocrites who questioned the bank CEOs ("Stimulus OK Lifts Stocks," Feb. 12).

The House Financial Services Committee is the overseer of the overseers. Their failure to their jobs has resulted in an epic economic downturn, yet they rant and posture as if they were innocent bystanders and heroic guardians of once and future victims. They are as complicit in the financial collapse as those they skewered.

The whole scene had all the credibility of Hannibal Lecter self-rightously passing judgment on Jeffrey Dahmer. If the American people do not soon remove these blithering incompetents from the hallowed halls, the American ideal will become a distant memory.



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