Cut Congress

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

We have heard much of how we must use taxpayers' money to cure the recession. Personally, I think we got here by greed, and Congress' giveaways, particularly to illegal immigrants.

However, now that we are here and so many are in need and the taxpayers are expected to pay in various ways, I have yet to hear what members of Congress have offered to give up. They have placed a much-needed cap on Wall Street salaries. Should they not also cap their own salaries? Their lack of oversight did much to bring us to this point.

As a retiree, I have watched my 401(k) go under and I may not be able to maintain my home of 43 years. Should not Congress cut its retirement benefits as well?

For that matter, if the unemployment rate has increased, should we not cut Congress by the same percentage? Just like the rest of the country our representatives should be expected to tighten their belts as well.

Maybe members of Congress would be more honest, ethical and vigilant if they knew they were regular people and faced the same consequences as we do. (I never understood why the Pennsylvania Senate needs to have half as many members as the U.S. Senate. The state would not be in so much debt if the Legislature were cut to a reasonable size.)



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