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I would like to commend Ann Rodgers for her balanced coverage of the divisions in which the Anglican Communion, the Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh are embroiled. One comment in her article "Factions Encouraged by Anglican Leaders' Statement" (Feb. 7) bears further scrutiny.

The Rev. James Simons makes a curious statement concerning the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican) and the latest communiqué from the Anglican primates regarding proselytizing. Rev. Simons is quoted, "I would take that to mean that the [other] diocese would stop actively recruiting parishes and individuals to join the realignment."

If by the other diocese he is referring to the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican) then he is mistaken.

The facts are that on Oct. 4, by an overwhelming majority, the Diocese of Pittsburgh, meeting in convention, voted to re-align as a whole diocese to the Province of the Southern Cone. This action was taken in accordance with the diocesan constitution and canons. Furthermore, a 2005 stipulation was agreed upon by Calvary Church and the diocese under the authority of an Allegheny County court for any parish wishing to leave the diocese to do so in an orderly fashion.

Rev. Simons and his allies chose, however, to ignore both the convention action and the stipulation to form a new diocese and recruit existing parishes to this new entity. In a recent issue of his parish newsletter, he writes, "One of the encouraging notes from the day [sic, their organizing convention] is that 28 different congregations were represented up from the original 18 in October."

Since Oct. 4, the Episcopal Diocese of Pittsburgh (Anglican) has not recruited any parish to "join the realignment"; it is the new diocese that is conducting a recruitment campaign.



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