Tunnel vision

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Our public officials are acting like Wells Fargo executives contemplating that junket to Vegas! They are totally clueless -- so far removed from reality that they dare to try to fund the completion of the tunnel to the other side of the Allegheny River.

Recall that this tunnel has been a farce from the start -- nobody could justify the need. I was told by my elected representative that "if we don't spend the money, we will lose it." Is that the best reason to pick up the shovel?

To use a penny of bailout (aka: our) money to complete this unnecessary tunnel while our bridges and sewers decay is totally irresponsible. You would only behave this way if it were not your own money.

I know, you will say, "But what will we do with that big hole we've excavated under the river?"

A few ideas:

1) Turn it into cutting-edge housing or a Downtown hotel -- the location is great and it should be very energy-efficient and green.

2) Use it as a community cold storage for all the food we harvest from our backyard gardens.

3) Turn it into a monument dedicated to the old, outdated way of thinking about public service.

I will be as likely to re-elect any politician who promotes completion of this tunnel as I would be to support the high compensation of our Wall Street banking executives.

Squirrel Hill


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