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Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Regarding the Feb. 15 "Asides," your comments on Glen Meakem and his issue with Sen. Arlen Specter presented what the media have continued to represent relative to the so-called stimulus bill: a false premise.

Mr. Meakem has issues with Mr. Specter's vote in favor of this bill. His issues with Sen. Specter relate to basic fiscal conservative principles. Mr. Meakem's approach was not to "do nothing," as you suggested, but rather to do something that was, in fact, stimulative and created an environment that would foster the creation of jobs, and not pass a bill loaded with funding for programs that have little to nothing to do with creating jobs.

Government is not the solution to the human condition, and more government is clearly not the answer to what ails this country right now. We spent our way into this mess ... more spending is not the answer.


Jefferson Hills


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