Not a true Iron

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

As a longtime resident of Pittsburgh, I would like to voice my concern regarding the decision of Iron City Brewing to outsource its canning division ("Iron City Outsources Canned Beer," Jan. 15). This company has been a part of Pittsburgh for too long to let it be taken over piece by piece by someone else.

To me, and many of my friends and family members, if Iron City is not brewed in Pittsburgh, it's not truly Iron City Beer. But my greatest concern is that it will cause the layoffs of people in our own city and support jobs elsewhere -- to me that's just not a 'Burgh thing.

I know the news reports say that a decision is going to be made regarding repair or purchase of new equipment. Whatever that decision may be, I hope that it is done in a timely fashion, so that the city's own can go back to their jobs and then we can resume purchasing true Iron City products.




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