Holder, hypocrite

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

Last Wednesday, Eric Holder, the nation's first black attorney general, took full advantage of his new powers by publicly scolding Americans (about 75 percent of whom are not black) that it was "a nation of cowards" in discussing racial matters ("Holder: Americans Cowardly About Race Discussions," Feb. 19). For a man in his high position, this racial statement is an embarrassment and hypocrisy.

Is he too stupid to recognize that the white voting majority refused to consider President Barack Obama's race or skin color as being any detriment to his ability to act as president?

Mr. Holder seems to have completely missed the lesson taught by President Obama's amazing success. Mr. Obama demonstrated that, in the end, skin color isn't as important as who you are and what you represent.

I can't help but wonder if our new attorney general is genuinely capable of the same racial impartiality that was demonstrated by American voters in November.


West Mifflin



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