Lighting efficiency

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

On a night flight from Atlanta to Pittsburgh I enjoyed looking down at all the lights below. It was an extraordinarily beautiful sight, especially the scene on approach to Pittsburgh with its unique river contours.

But all that light was doing nobody on the ground a bit of good.

Instead, it was costing people on the ground a lot of money to amuse airline passengers. Recent stories and letters in the Post-Gazette concern energy-efficient lighting for reducing costs and improving our environment. Fluorescent and LED lights use less energy, but an additional savings for taxpayers, businesses and homeowners will come from shielding the light source so that all the energy is directed where it is needed. Shielded fixtures are available and cost no more than other light fixtures.

We can light our streets, parking lots, doorways and porches with the same level of light we now enjoy here on earth without sending any up into the airways or our neighbors' windows.




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