Congress at fault

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I'm writing in regard to the AIG bonuses. These bonuses were part of a contract, and to interrupt this process will change the meanings of contracts. Yes, it's taxpayer money, but look at the bigger picture ... Our representatives in Washington did this.

Sen. Chris Dodd (who received the highest campaign contributions from AIG) put wording into the stimulus package that made it possible for the bonuses to be awarded. There was such a rush to pass this stimulus that it was voted on before representatives could read the bill. Then it sat for four days waiting to be signed by the president. What was the rush to vote before reading the bill?

Our representatives should be ashamed of their actions toward American taxpayers. To push a bill through to tax the individual workers who received these bonuses is dirty ("House Passes Bill to Recoup Most of $165 Million Paid to AIG Executives," March 20). If our representatives in Washington can interfere with a contract, what is next?

If there is something we as taxpayers should be upset about, it is that a large portion of the AIG bailout money went outside of our country.




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