Altmire should be applauded for his stance

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I was appalled when I read the editorial about Jason Altmire ("Vote of Weakness," March 22). I have seen Rep. Jason Altmire present a cogent case for his vote over several weeks. He has spoken ill of neither President Barack Obama nor his fellow Democrats.

Silly me -- I was under the impression that a member of Congress was allowed to use his conscience, good sense and the will of his constituents when casting a vote. Rather than commending Rep. Altmire for his courage, you have essentially called him a traitor to the president, his district and the country.

I resent the blanket characterization of Republicans as "wild-eyed." If anyone is "wild-eyed," it is the person who expects to get health insurance today. Even if everything goes President Obama's way, this bill will be phased in over several years, although we will begin paying for it as soon as it is signed.

Maybe you consider Jason Altmire to be "on the wrong side of history," but time might prove you wrong.


Mt. Lebanon



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