Crowding Garfield

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

We'd like to compliment all those who are responsible for the new housing in the Hill District. The housing is scattered, pleasing to the eye, giving the residents plenty of room, and interspersed with other community amenities, like the library.

What on earth happened when planners came to Garfield? When we first saw the plans for Mossfield Street in the Garfield Bulletin, the housing was portrayed as spacious and beautiful. Now the buildings keep going up, with very little breathing room between them - 90 units in all in such a confined space!

Right behind them, 45 more of these units are planned on Schenley Avenue, then two more phases of building for Colombo Street and the Water Tower area. Why is the city trying to cram so many people into three small city blocks? Why not use some of our stimulus money to use some of that land to provide much-needed recreational or cultural facilities for residents?

We thought city planners were planning to make the East End a premiere neighborhood. How could the East End be improved if our "enlightened" young mayor allows the Department of Housing and Urban Development and the developers to create crowded living conditions, which should no longer exist in the most livable city?




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