With Cheney’s logic, Pelosi is a hero

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

The May 15 article "Pelosi: CIA Misled Lawmakers About Waterboarding" highlights the bizarre logic and twisted view of morality that Dick Cheney and his supporters inflicted on the world for eight years.

Confronted with clear evidence that the Bush administration broke U.S. and international laws and the Geneva Conventions, their defense is, "Nancy Pelosi knew about it and didn't stop us." This is like a mass murderer telling a judge he's innocent because he told his wife he was killing people, but she didn't stop him.

At the same time, Mr. Cheney tells us that torture is good, and he's proud of what he did. Does he mean Ms. Pelosi is to be congratulated for not stopping him?

So, according to the moral values of Bush and Cheney, Nancy Pelosi is an accessory to a crime, which makes her a national hero - just like them.




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