The Rivers Casino will bring good things to Pittsburgh

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

I was glad to see the May 12 article about installing the first slot machines and tables at the new Rivers Casino ("Slot No. 1"). I am a travel and tourism student at Pittsburgh Technical Institute and will eventually be pursuing a career in the travel and tourism field. The future of Pittsburgh is coming along greatly. The promises made by public officials in this town, for many years, are finally coming to fruition.

In my opinion, the Rivers Casino is also going to bring in a lot of business and tourists to our city to try our "Pittsburgh foods" and culture. It actually makes me feel that we, as a city, are doing something that we have promised, instead of just talking about it.

I hope that we will build more businesses that bring people to our city for vacations instead of solely to view our hometown football and hockey events. In the future, maybe "Sixsburghers" will have something else to do in their free time rather than just look at our city and its rivers.



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