Self-serving editorial

Written by Rosa Colucci on .

"We think not." Thus do the erstwhile soldiers of the free press at the Post-Gazette Editorial Board cavalierly discount the safety of our armed forces if the Obama administration releases more interrogation photos ("Credible Move: Obama Should Release the Prisoner Abuse Photos," May 18). The self-serving advice that this paper offers the president is juvenile in the extreme.

In a world where (false) stories of putting the Koran in a toilet cause global riots, destruction and death, the effects of more pictures of our interrogation methods or even abuse would be dutifully, if not breathlessly, reported by an aging media. In the next breath, the previous administration would again be condemned by the conflating of sadistic and degrading pictures by weekend warriors with the necessary and effective interrogation methods that has kept our country safe. Methods which, by the way, did not elicit much howling from an opportunistic Congress until it became advantageous to do so.

Your hypocrisy notwithstanding, the PG would be delighted if the Obama administration would continue to find ways to rake the Bush administration over the coals instead of finding ways to fix our nation's current problems.



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