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To wake up and find a headline that reads "Late-Term Abortion Provider Killed in Church" (June 1) makes me shudder. What kind of world do we live in that a doctor providing legal services has to fear for his life, in a place of worship no less? I am appalled that this debate must be taken to such a level. We live in a country governed by laws, not personal opinions and certainly not by vigilante justice.

Instead of fighting over abortions, why don't we stop pretending that people don't have sex before marriage (especially teenagers) and teach people how to prevent not only pregnancy but also sexually transmitted infections?

No woman would tell you that having an abortion is a good thing. No woman wants to resort to it as a method of birth control. Sadly, if you are never taught how to use simple, inexpensive, yet highly effective birth control, how could anyone be honestly surprised if that person ended up pregnant?

The mission of organizations like Planned Parenthood is to make sure that women's health care is provided for and that babies that are brought into this world are wanted and can be properly taken care of. Wouldn't the world be a much better place if we could properly educate people to prevent pregnancy when it is easy, instead of chastising them when it gets later than anyone would prefer? Education is the most valuable way to prevent unplanned pregnancy and disease; fear is never the answer.

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